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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rytrospyk, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Had my BARB and my first interview with my recruiter but what exactly will this Big Interview be asking of me?
  2. I have mine on Monday and was told by my recruiter to expect questions on the Regiment I'm joining and general questions about how I feel about the army and how my family feel about it etc.
  3. mine gave me a pint of ale and a shiney shilling.
  4. i'm waiting for my first interview but the way It's been so far they pretty much tell you everything your gonna expect to be asked. I've been told everything there gonna ask me which is pretty good lol I thought it would be an on the spot questioning thing but it's not. So don't worry I'm sure they'll let you know. (or am I just really lucky with my ca? :D )
  5. dont worry about the interview to much, its more like a friendly chat, they ask you questions on you home life, education, previous employment, hobbies, what you parents think of you joining the army etc..its dead laid back. just turn up smart (in a suit) be polite, and dont let it worry you.

    also make sure you know where your going for selection, how long you will be there, where you go for basic and also how long you will be there.

    that is all. good luck (not that you will need it :)
  6. Thanks doesnt sound to bad just wanted to be sure what Im doing and I dont own a suit just dont walk in looking like a scuff?
  7. Shirt and tie dont cost much, its worth the investment. I spent 50 on an entire suit including shoes,
  8. Suppose its worth getting now, far as I know I will need one later one so yeah might as well.
  9. might as well buy a suit, cause you are going to need it along the line in life. plus its a must on your proper interview at the end of selection. you can pick up a full suit for under £50 if not cheaper. it doesnt have to be armanni or anything lol. just look respectable :)

    hope all this info helps
  10. Yeah all info helps :) its just my recruiter didn't say anything about a suit but i guess if you guys say so might as well.
  11. a suit isnt expected of you, but it just gives you more man points ;). it makes the recruiter think that you have put in the effort and stuff. its just a nice touch. but hey, its all up to you.
  12. It isn't required. The thing is, if you want to look as if you actually want the job and don't just fancy taking pot shots at flip flops, then you'll want to take the time and effort to look respectable. ;)
  13. Depends. If you want to be an officer, a suit is absolutely obligatory. The interviewer may not say anything about it, but he will take note of it. As an OR, it's less important, but still good. Bear in mind that much of your time in the Army will be spent making yourself and your kit smarter than a penguin with an astrophysics degree, so you might as well start now and get some Kiwi on those shoes...