Arnika C30

Im having some work done on a tattoo and it was suggested that I take this herbal medicin called Arnika C30.
Apparently it promotes healing slows/stops bleeding during tattooing and helps with general well being.

What I would like to know is.............................

Is it illegal to use according to QRs and CDT?

Is it any good?

Does it have any side effects?
Hi Ive come across it before & it appeared to do nothing.

However ive found the following which basically states its crap!

Arnica C30 - 1

Arnica C30 - 2 read the RESEARCH SUMMARY which states that it made the condition worse.

I would advice staying away from it.
I don't know about the tablet form of Arnica but Arnica cream is brilliant with bruises and swellings, I always give it to the wife after punishment. You're not supposed to use it on broken skin so it might not be the best for after a tatto...

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