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  1. Im having some work done on a tattoo and it was suggested that I take this herbal medicin called Arnika C30.
    Apparently it promotes healing slows/stops bleeding during tattooing and helps with general well being.

    What I would like to know is.............................

    Is it illegal to use according to QRs and CDT?

    Is it any good?

    Does it have any side effects?
  2. Pox_Dr

    Pox_Dr LE

    Hi Ive come across it before & it appeared to do nothing.

    However ive found the following which basically states its crap!

    Arnica C30 - 1

    Arnica C30 - 2 read the RESEARCH SUMMARY which states that it made the condition worse.

    I would advice staying away from it.
  3. Have read the ltwo links, sounds like its no good, will have to investigate more.

  4. Pielover

    Pielover Old-Salt

    I don't know about the tablet form of Arnica but Arnica cream is brilliant with bruises and swellings, I always give it to the wife after punishment. You're not supposed to use it on broken skin so it might not be the best for after a tatto...