Arnie for President ?


T3 is standing for election in California, one step away from the white house and world dominance................reminds me of another Austrian who tried it a while back, now what was his name again :D
Don't you have to be American born in order to stand for Pres ? :?:
Yes, you must be born in USA. Being naturalised, as Arnie is, is not enough.

Only americans are crazy enough to be presidents of the craziest country on the planet.


thats correct nutstrangler, don't worry about arnie being like hitler , george bush is doing enough damage by himself ! he doesn't know where iran is for fooks sake when he started the job 8O


Pedantic, I know

But these guys were Presidents born before the USA became a country:

George Washington
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
John Quincy Adams
Andrew Jackson
William Henry Harrison

Strictly speaking they were born British citizens 8O


HLS is correct they were british citizens before 1776 :lol: if arnie really wanted to im sure he could use that as a precedent but i don't think it could work now
I am sure that it does not matter about your place of birth as long as you are a citizen of the good old US of A.

Arnie for president!


No, you definitely need to be US born to become President. Saying that they do amend the constitution 10 times a day so I suppose anything is possible.

As an afterthought - remember the film "Demolition Man" just after Sly Stallone is thawed out in the future he is taken to the Schwarzeneger museum. "Schwarzeneger museum?" he asks. "Yes" says the girl (Sandra Bullock as I recall), "Due to overwhelming public support the constitution was amended to allow him to run for President"

Life imitating art?

It could happen, The consitution can be changed.

Ironic that people are more concerned about an actor who plays a remorseless killing machine running a nuclear power than the real life killer runing russia. :?:

Makes you glad we have a monarchy
Well seeing as T3 can time travel he could go back to 1776 amend the constitution and Roberts you dads brother :lol:

I can't believe I'm writing this crap, I need to get out more :roll:
F*ck arnie, you'll never guess who else is running.....

Only F*cking Arnold from "Different Strokes" the amusing 70s sitcom about a rich whitey who adopts 2 black orphans.

You will remember Arnold's witty catchphrase, whenever his older brother Willis said something he didn't like -

"wotyoutalkinbout Willis"

Oh and actually he was a bit of Jimmy Krankie character, as he was actually about 40 when making the series he just looked very young. And in fact still does.


suppose Arnie becomes president no sooner than he is that his defective austrian gene which he shares with Adolf hitler kicks in and World Domination starts to follow ................................. :lol:
It could never happen?? or could it!

In July of 2003, Senator Orrin Hatch introduced a proposed amendment to the constitution to allow anyone foreign born and a resident for twenty years to be eligible for the office of President. Hatch and Schwarzenegger are old friends, and it is widely held that this amendment was a favor, should the governorship turn out to be a potential stepping stone as it was for the previous actor. :twisted:
Thanks Bubblehead

Oh, and welcome on board... I'm sure our resident matelots will be glad to see another squid on board :D

I dunno, to me, an actor with not a lot to say for himself previously, with no track record in politics, should he even consider himself for the meltdown that is California?
I think you could put Gary Coleman (what you talking about Willis) in office and he would do a better job than the current clown.

Why not have an Austrain president............ it may bring out the patriot in all of you (Just don't fire them at our Gr4s :D )
Weren't the SA finished by 1938?

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