Arnhem Walt? Bag o' Shite!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hellmans, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. If you're going to walt it, at least get a uniform that fits, and iron it!

    Pics from the British Medal Forum, taken at Arnhem this weekend



    below is photo85[
  2. No collar dogs? And WTF are those things on his feet?
  3. Is he TA? Looks ok to me. Although he does have a childtoucher's moustache coupled with sexoffender sidies so could well just be an CFAV.
  4. MID? (dang the ten letter limit)
  5. It ain't a Rifles badge, it's old LI. And is that an MiD on the medal ribbon!? Sack of shit! Did anyone brief him up / fill him in?
  6. Don't think so. His Clark shoes look like they've been polished.
  7. That will be the clark commandos shoes. Does that make him a shoe walt as well? :thumleft:
  8. You can see above his pocket where a medal rack has once been/ribbons have been sown and he appears to be carrying a Kebab.

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  9. Can't see the medal rack space you mean, but the collar dogs and medal positioning yes.
  10. Look ever so carefully above his pocket, there is an almost imperceptable line and the remnants of thread, leading me to believe that at one time there was either stitching to hold a medal brooch and/or a line of medal ribbons. Then again, it may be my rheumy old eyes.
  11. I think I see what you mean now, heh, but peering at that is making my eyes bleed.
  12. Because it did not have the red backing I assumed it was the Rifles. What is the difference between the two..I can't seem to find any reference besides the red backing.
  13. no you're right i can see it aswell and i'm young.
  14. Now this is a genuine walt, unlike half the people that are pilloried on here.

    Commence the hunt!