Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by AT55, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. The deceased father of a very good friend of mine was captured at Arnhem. I am trying to assist my friend to find out more about his father's involvement. Does anyone know where I can find the glider loading lists by names or anything else that may be of help?
  2. give the hartenstein hotel museum a call.....long shot i know but they seem to be the jedis on arnhem....ask to speak to adrian groenweg - main trustee and tour guide.

    pm me if you need the number as i have organised many a tour there.
  3. 'By Land Sea & Air' by Junier, Smulders and Korsloot is a pretty comprehensive unit history, which also includes a list of KIA, POW and Missing, so he should be mentioned. 'The Holland Patch' by Simon Haines is also pretty good. What's his name? I'll have a look to see if he's mentioned in either.
  4. Thanks for the mention, i wrote that :) Give me a pm and i will see what ive got, if not i will ask some friends.
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    Is it a picture book?

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  6. Sid, where you been?? not somewhere hot like walsall :)

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  7. PM Sent
  8. try giving Stuart Eastwood a ring at the museum in Carlisle. he is a Border reg ninja, but also knows just about everything about Market Garden

    google Cumbrias military museum
  9. If you PM me a platoon number or name I can see what I can do for you, my mates dad is AAC and is an absolute GPR and Arnhem guru. He literally knows what gliders took who, who piloted them, where they should of landed, where they actually landed, when they landed and I wouldn't put it past him even knowing what colour socks the pilots wore on the day.

  10. No Nowhere near Wallsall.. I thought running a company was easy.. How wrong was i!!!
  11. Easy Company not teaching the Americans again then :D
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Maybe the Staffs Regt museum would be a good place to start.

    The volunteers there are helpful and enthusiastic.

    The Staffordshire Regiment Museum
    Whittington Barracks
    WS14 9PY

    General enquiries:
    Tel: 01543 434394
    Fax: 01543 434391

    Museum Director
    Jim Massey Tel: 01543 434392

    Museum Curator-Manager
    Dr Erik Blackeley Tel: 01543 434395

    Willie Turner Tel: 01543 434394
  13. Trouble is, whilst i was there researching for my book, willie told me that a lot of the records were missing, as they used to just let people look at them, and some had taken stuff. Their Arnhem stuff was very depleted, but they were very helpful.
  14. Ween't they issued with the Patchett (sterling forerunner) as an experiment, but so few came back from the perimiter, it couldn't be assesed ?