Arnhem/Remagen link?

Before anyone says anything, this isn't a wind up. I have listened to someone claiming that their Father was at both these events in WW2. Before i go saying anything i want to be 100% that there isn't any way that this could possibly be true.

I cannot find any unit, Allied or Axis, that had members at both battles, no medic/war correspondent, Red Cross or such organisation.
It is possible this chaps father could've meant he was stationed on the bridge for guard duties or something like that after the battle?

According to the OrBat of the U.S '9th Armored Division,' no British units were attached to the U.S 9th Armored during the battle.
Thanks for the help guys, he is insistent his father had "fought at Arnhem and Remagen", but any more than that, no word. I thought maybe Correspondent but they were/are non-combatants.

Might have meant Nijmegen, I'll ask carefully! Cheers guys.


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IIRC from John Frost's autobio "A Drop Too Many" his POW camp was liberated by Patton's men. When the Yanks heard they had liberated the British paras dropped at Arnhem, they said, "We'd have got through to you." Frost - who thought little of the British armoured relief thrust - agreed.

As Patton's boys were the ones who seized Remagen bridge by coup de main, perhaps this could be what your friend was referring to - or been the source of his confusion.

Or not.
Has your friend got a German sounding surname?

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