Arnhem public transport "tip"

Just a bit of public transport information regarding Arnhem after seeing some British visitors struggling this weekend with various coins and questions about tickets in the Arnhem area. OB if you think it doesn't belong in the history section then please move or bin it.

If anyone of you plans a (battlefield tour) visit to Arnhem you might want to consider buying the "ov-chipkaart" (€7.50). It works like the London Oyster card, except this one is valid nation wide for all types of public transport and public transport companies. Whether you use it on the local metro in Amsterdam or take the regional bus at Wolfheze to Arnhem CS to change to an Arriva train, you can use the chip card to check-in/out.

Apart from the hassle, it saves some money too. I noticed I paid €1.42 for the bus from Oosterbeek to Arnhem while the tickets from the vending machine were €3,- (single fare as there is no return ticket for buses).

It might be worth asking at any Dutch railway station when you go to Arnhem, especially when you arrive at Schiphol airport or as a foot passenger in Hook. I don't think the card expires so you could use it on different occassions as well.

Just don't forget to checkout when you're at your destination.....

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