Arnhem DIY tour

Taking the family to Wassanaar for the holidays, was hoping to take a trip to Arnhem to give the kids some perspective on life. Can anyone suggest an itineray for a day trip that will take in the most important points
Oosterbeek cemetries are a must and about halk a mile from Hartenstein hotel (museum) also worth taking a look at the memorial over the road and the various plaques and landmarks on the main drag. There is one that says (10 para fought the last man)

Also a trip into Arnhem and visit the Bridge itself and the couple of vehicles at the botom of the steps.

take a box of tissues...... theres three or four VCs in the cemetry and the gratitude of the dutch is overwhelming

The tissues will also come in handy of you can get the Mrs to look after the nippers while you dive on the train to Amsterdam
The Oosterbeek (Lonsdale) church is worth a shufty as is the westerbouwing (hotel on the high ground) with a couple of memorials to the 1st Borders and the Dorset Regiments

Both significant locations in the Oosterbeek perimeter, the Germans held the high ground throughout and a visit up shows their complete domination of the "Cauldron"

As MDN has said, the cemetry is a must (lots of grit that gets into the eyes)
As you walk into the cemetery, have a peek over into the empty field on your left. Depending on what time of year you go there are two very large and visible 'splash' marks in that field. Both are aircraft crash sites. Not much grows there due to the effect of burning and the engine and hydraulic oil seeping into the soil.

If you can do it get the two books by After The Battle Pubs on the battle. For touring the battlefield there is nothing quite like 'em. Kershaw's 'It never snows in September' is a good read from the German perspective.

I suggest visiting the drop and landing zones as a start point and then motoring into town along the route of advance from there. Have a look down at the ferry and railway bridge sites before you get into town proper. The 'new' bridge and the immediate area are a must (but of course none of it was there at the time). Once you have had your fill of Frost's AO, make it back through the 'burbs', past the town hospital and into Oosterbeek proper. Then do the later perimeter. The ATB books are great for the 'then and now' pics and there is nothing quite like standing on hallowed turf.

I envy you!


Don't forget that its Market & Garden

Spots worth visiting:-

Westerbouing Resturant above the Driel Ferry. A view point over the battlefield south of Arnhem

Groesbeek Musuem and the Memorial to the missing.
Jonkerbos cemetery
US Memorial opposite the powerstation at Nijmegen
Nijmegen Bridge

If you want a different and very moving experience go to the Overloon battlefield and war museum instead. This is the site of an action by 7th US Armoured Div in late Sep and the 3rd Infantry Division in Oct 1944. iTs not as well known as Arnhem but it is at a very human scale.

The Dutch established a war musuem on the site of the battlefield, which includes the German dugouts and trenches. The musuem's exhibits include the vehicles knocked out in the battle and the adjacent CWGC Cemetery contains the British soldiers killed in the action. It is a strange experience to know that the four Coldstream graves on the back row of the cemetery are the men who didn't get out of the Churchill CS tank when it ran over a bar mine.

The musuem is an excellent war musuem.
Also 10 para overnight stop-off point with slit trenches.
Wolfheze, down to the culvert and mortar impact craters
K.O.S.B bren gun position past White House
Fcuk the Jerries House
Gingers mortar pit
airborne tree with carving (though light has to be good)
lower Oosterbeek railway station
and oh about 4000 other places :)

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