ARNHEM, best way to get there and where to stay??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ABF9, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. Sorry if its been asked already which I am sure it has.

    Got some time off work coming up and was thinking of visiting Arnhem.

    Whats the best way to get there and anybody got any tips?

  2. Out the back of a hercules for full effect I reckon.
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  3. Great idea but dont think MOD would be so happy about it.
  4. Glider?
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  5. I hear theres a road that leads up through Eindhoven and Nijmegan maybe try that?
  6. Plenty of civvie Dakotas around you know.

    Flack problem has gone now.
  7. Easy.

    Schipol - Arnhem - Train (Bridge, St Elizabeth hospital etc)
    Oosterbeek (Bus, train from Arnhem) -Perimeter, Hartenstein, CWGC, Schoonard crossroads
    Foot - Rhine
    Arnhem - Wolfheze (DZ/LZ) Train
    Foot - Ginkel Heath

    Or by car.

    Accomadation - Try here: Arnhem - Hotel Search Results -

    good prices for the Rhine hotel and can walk to many of the sites nearby. Enjoy!
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  8. Well worth the visit.

    Hartenstein has been completely overhauled and is even better than it was before.

    Lots to see, plenty to take in and a hugely humbling experience.

    If you can't get on a tour consider hiring a car from Schippol.
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  9. Been a few visits to Arnhem on the lash and to visit the war graves up there. Very humbling to see the ages of the lads who lay down their lives.

    The bars are in a square in town, chock full of Cloggie totty. Can't remember the names of any of them though.
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  10. if you can wait until September may be worth it to go for the anniversary
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  11. Above suggestions all a little obvious, try one of these.
    half track.jpg
  12. Thanks for the replys lads.

    Better get planning.
  13. I went a couple of times whilst posted to JHQ and drove back there a couple of years back to educate the Missus.

    I'm planning to go again next year on the bike.