Arnhem Battlefield Tour

I am looking at arranging a (very) brief Battlefield tour in November or December this year.

Can anyone recommend a tour guide/company they have used or have had good feedback on??
where??? , if arnhem then the trustee at oosterbeeck are first class, speak v good english.they arrange all the tours, from dropzones to oosterbeek.also if you need accom that is easy to arrange i have all the info as i arranged a tour there last year(60th).entrance into museum @8 euros each although if a large group then you can get a discount. ask for pri contribution for your tour , you never know they may pay !! pm me if you need anything , as i have all phone nos for accom , etc also local train,taxis the usual .
See if you can get hold of a copy of "Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide - Operation Market-Garden" ISBN 0 85052 785-6.

A rerally informative book with maps covering guided tours to suit all time scales that range from Leopoldsburg all the way up to Arnhem. If you want to do Arnhem and Oosterbeek any justice at all you'll need a whole day if not two, with a good couple of hours in the Museum at the Hartenstein Hotel. Why not make it a weekend as Arnhem is a great Saturday night out.
Thanks I appreciate the help.

The plan is to go out for a weekend (Fri-Sun) and spend the whole time in the Arnhem/Oossterbeek area (rather than the temptations of Amsterdam :wink: )

As I'm going to be off line for a few weeks I will probably PM then.

You can actually carry out a tour in Arnhem with very little prior planning. All the places of interest are in relative close proximity. I led a bunch of lads once, arrived on the Friday afternoon, went to the Museum, collected guides and off we went. Very simple really. Found a website that seems to have loads of links in the one place


Arnhem is a class night out. Be aware Arnhem does have it's own streets of temptation. Though smaller than those of Amsterdam I found it better, although I was only looking. Best of luck anyway, know you will enjoy!

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