Arnhem Barracks Aldershot

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Nesbit216, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Whats that place being used as now ? I was there back in the day with the good old boys
  2. I often wonder that. Someone must know. It was pre historic in the 90s so prob crumbled by now
  3. It was used recently as the russian housing at the end of Bonds Quantam of solace.
  4. The last occupants of Arnhem Bks were RHQ 4 RMP. They moved out in October 2008, at which point the top end of Monty Lines (up the hill from the guardroom) was secured pending demolition. All the windows have now been boarded up and the footbridge over the A325 demolished.

    The last scene of the Quantam of Solace was filmed in the blocks between Normandy Bks and the A325.

  5. Supposedly it will get handed back to the local council at some stage....... I hear that they want to put 4000 houses there !!! Mostly all boarded up now, but a couple of blocks are still being used as accommodation by some catering people. I remember pre 1972 when there was no "wire" around the camp..... how times change.

    The whole Garrison will drastically change by 2014.
  6. I think he may have done, considering he hasn't made a post in over 2 years.
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