Arnhem Airbornemarch Saturday September 6th

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Cloggie, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. There's something wrong with your link Cloggie.
  2. Yup. There's a coach load of us coming from Aldershot PRA, we stop on Harskamp? I think it's called, we get there Thursday night and leave on Sunday after spending loads of money in Arnhem Town Square and drinking in Bloopers.
  3. I've seen it rather than been on it a few times... many years ago though. It was and still is very refreshing to see just how the Cloggies have remained faithful to the Paras.. especially given that Arnhem was a failed objective.

    I have also seen just how British Forces Veterans in general are treated by the locals (as heros). Special parties laid on and even special areas such as the 'Dorsets Only Garden' at Westerbouwing.

    The wandeltocht... I kind of see it as a Cloggie thing, I have reservations though... don't know if they still do this... but they used to dish out medals dependent on how far people walked... found that a bit iffy... but it is their thing and if it helps awareness then possibly good.

    I'm much impressed by the way the locals hang Parachute Reg colours and Union Flags all over the place and by the way (particularly around Arnhem) that many public buildings are painted maroon.

    Just my opinion... but first things first. Arnhem is becoming a playground for the British contingent of the Knob Head Walt Div, who turn up each year with their fat arrses, get pissed and get us all a bad rep. I really do think that this one is one that real soldiers are better off leaving alone. Let the Walters piss off the Cloggies and let the Cloggies tell them to fuck off. That way, there can be no confusion.

    Edited to add: No offense intended to the PRA.. slides off out o the side door... and into hiding. :lol:
  4. On the 60th anniversary when we all piled over it was like the Airborne Forces Days of old in Aldershot, there may have been one or two walts hiding amongst it but the blokes are now using Arnhem as their ABF day get together. If any Walts do try to bluff it out they will soon get sussed I'm sure.
    All the reenactors that we spoke to that weekend were all Dutch, their drive past was very impressive and took about an hour, fcuk knows where they got all the kit from.
  5. The march itself is not particularly a Cloggie thing mate.
    There will be military groups attending from various countries,like U.K,Denmark,U.S,Holland(I will be there too) etc. It's more like a small version of the Nijmegen Marches.
    About the medal; It is still handed out. But you must see it more as a remembrance pin for participation of the walk rather than a medal for proven heroism :)

    All in all it's just a great march to walk with lots of historic spots you walk by.
  6. Just my less than humble opinion JD.. but having never even had the desire to join the Para Reg... anyone who is or was in the reg.. I would say their opinion carries a bit/lot more weight than mine.

    Right that's about as humble as you'll ever find me...

    Cloggie: I would say the wandeltocht itself is/was a Cloggie thing. I lived in Arnhem about 25 years ago and knew a few of the then organisers, they consisted of a contingent of local coppers who wanted to encourage local kids to keep the memory alive and involve them in something community based. The remembrance issue when vets would traditionally turn up was always entirely separate and usually a couple of weeks separated the events.

    On the wandeltocht - very few foreigners would be seen 25 yrs ago.. not saying none... just very very few... the odd Brit.... hundreds of Cloggies wearing orange and flying Union Flags etc.

    Again, just my opinion... but remembrance is a time more suited to Military attendance. :D
  7. It wasn't just PARA's, and also it wasn't a failed objective, the mission was a success as far as the order's were concerned. 30 Corps screwed up the rest of it!
  8. Arnhem was definitely a failed objective. It was actually eventually taken by the Canadians...

    If you want to argue the toss on that one mate... start a thread and we'll get stuck in... but I would suggest you have a good read at the orders for XXX Corps and the RAF , weather conditions in the U.K. the DZ's and Monty's desires - political sit... how many Panzer Divs were there... logistics - all before blaming any particular div...

    Another thread though... I think.
  9. Spooky! It's because of one of the ex Police Chiefs in Arnhem that we get to use Harskamp, one of our blokes met him donkeys ago when he was just a lowly plod and they kept in touch which obviously paid dividends for us.
    You're totally correct Bill about the change in it, one of our members has done it about 20 times and whilst it's much more 'military' low key than Nijmegen the military side has definitely crept in but not overly so I reckon, I enjoy this weekend as it's not as full on as two weeks later and you can actually get served in the bars, the Glasshouse in Oosterbeek being a favourite!
    FAO Cloggie, if you see a load of old limping buffoons wearing maroon tops and trying to keep in step that will be us! Come and say hello and you can buy us all a beer!!!

  10. And if you see a Dutch bloke in DPM's you can do the same :p
    I'll try to meet up with you guys. Always nice to drink a few with fellow Arrsers.
  11. Tis a very small world mate. If you speak to your ex-cop friend, I'll bet he knew a Dutch bloke called: Geet Vinke (RIP): Pron a bit like Kate VFinke... best write it down... our cloggie mates have an interesting way of pronouncing the 'G' and the 'V' for that matter.
    Was Geet who introduced me to the copper contingent, we used to get together and have a few beers and a bite at the Westerbouwing... which Geet always called the high ground... aye a Dutch mountain.... Geet was very pro Brit and used to almost kidnap Brit visitors and take them on his version of the battlefield tours. Old lad spent some time in a German concentration camp for pissing off zee Germans... member of the Cloggie resistance. Geet was also a member of the Museum - Hertenstien.. and the Oude Kerk so he can be checked out... and he did do things and stuff... fantastic old git... shame he's not still around.
  12. Cloggie

    We'll be arriving at Harskaamp next Thursday, some of us will probably hit Arnhem that evening, battlefield tour on the Friday then the march on the Saturday, we'll probably be the only British contingent there so look for the British Airborne tops knocking around the Schoonord in Oosterbeek, I'll be the one face down on a table!!
    When we drink in Arnhem we tend to head towards Bloopers.
  13. Aha,Harskamp! That's our main shooting-range.Nowadays it's called General Winkelman barracks.
    I will only attend the march. I'm not sure if I have time to look around that much,because they want us to walk in Dets,but I like to walk the march with just a few mates.So I will try to walk it individual,but I can be forced to walk in a Det. Ach,we'll see what happens.