Arnhem Accom help

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Right, any of you helpful types.

    Stella has managed to end up getting up no accomodation for Arnhem on Saturday night the daft useless cnut, he should hae assumed that I wouldn't do it and taken the initiative to do it and hasn't

    Does anyone know a hotel, guesthouse, hole in the ground, not too far from either Oosterbeek or Arnhem.

    Found a few west of Oosterbeek but thats a major fcuk around as we are trying to avoid hiring a car or spending a month in a fast chariot.

    All help will be used and thanks will be minimum, but go on, help
  2. Take a bivi pole, splay Stella's buttock cheeks and camp between them.
  3. Better still, just find me a room

    That useless cnut will forget to get dressed or catch the plane anyway
  4. If we take you, we could get the entire DZ between yours
  5. And you could feed them on the jam between your chins whilst MDN entertains the old boys by playing the spoons on his napper.

    I can't believe they are letting you two out together.
  6. Caits not coming despite me begging........ that would have been a good way to get my arrse in gear and get a room booked though :D
  7. Try the West End Hotel 5 mins from Arnhem by car. V Reasonable excellent bar and restaurant. great parking. top notch place visited in April. Just google West End Hotel. V popular so probably booked up
  8. Yeah thanks for that.
  9. was that a sardonic pisstaking thanks for that...if so fcuk you you ungrateful twat. If not, make it clearer when you post there's a good chap
  10. Take a tent and camp by the Rhine, failing that sleep on a bench like some of the 3 Para guys did a couple of years ago. Otherwise youve no chance of a room.
  11. You just said it might be fully booked. Who needs that?
  12. Try contacting the hotels listed directly, booking sites usually underbook hotels or hotels keep a few rooms from them.

    Alternatively, just get leathered, pull and stay at their house......oh yeah, even less chance of you two doing that.