Arnhem 19 Sep 10

I'm in NL for a bit so went to Arnhem today and walked the DZs, Oosterbeek, Wolfheze areas accompanied by Brig Steer's excellent guide. Heavy rain all day so I had most of it to myself, including the Cemetery. A great day and I look forward to going back soon.

Next w/e there are the usual anniversary things going on there: para drop etc etc. So I am inclined to go back and see the bits I missed today. However - clearly it will be a very busy place with veterans, old and bold, their families, more paras than you can shake a stick at (presumably) etc. This means it could be either (a) a great occasion to turn up, see the sights, enjoy the atmosphere, maybe meet a veteran or two, hear their stories and so on - or (b) a day to stay well away and let the veterans, paras etc get on with it, unencumbered by stab/civvy/hat-types and other buckshee hangers-on...

Advice please!
"Stab/civvy/hat-types" Well I'm RSigs TA and a former WFR so I guess I'm all three! All joking aside if you go next week it will be option a, especially if you do get to meet one of the MG veterans who are still well enough to attend. Sadly, I won't be going this year as I'm skint after being on the rock & roll all Summer.
Hang around the Schoonord pub aka The Glasshouse just down from the Hartenstein Hotel in Oosterbeek, it'll be mobbed with all ages of Airborne types including veterans.


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It would be really nice if some of the old and bold could comment/discuss/write in their own thread about such happenings.