Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TRAZTAZ, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Guys, I am looking for someone who seriously knows his stuff on this subject, was maybe even there??????I have a new boss who has been tasked with creating a mamouth Arnehm battlefield tour affair.The tasker is very very knowlegable on the subject and very passioanate about it, and probably rightly so.It was a glorious moment for the Paras.

    I want to help him to go beyond the basic history and try and locate where so and so was stood as he did so and so action to receive his VC.and to be able to tell the story of how that happened from that spot.

    I also want to be able to locate the war graves of certain people to enable wreath laying.

    Any Para historians out there?

    REally want to get this right, and if we have anyone on here with first hand accounts .............lets do some talking, want to revisit, easy arranged!!
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Swordsman on the Sapper forum was there see the thread in Military History

    I think Jack Danials knows alot of the bods over there too
  3. Learning to spell it correctly would be a start
  4. I once slept on 'the bridge' in a green maggot after filling in a hat in the nearby bar. Does that count?

    Edited to try to be actually helpful (don't tell no one, innit?) by including a bibliography used during a similar battelfield tour once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away....

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  5. My late grandad was 4 LINCOLNS and won the MM at the Silk Factory. His best mate, Jim Preston (still alive and kicking in Tamworth) was stood fighting next to him when he won it. We went to the very site last year, then on to the Airborne Forces museum in the town. Jim took his medals off. I asked him why. He told me (in a roundabout way) that he respected the Paras, and didn't want to steal their thunder. An awesome man, and I readily admit I am not fit to bull his boots.

    I hugely respect ALL those who were here in whichever capacity they served. I confess that it does niggle me slightly though that the general perception is that the Paras fought through on their own.
  6. Try looking through the following linkTRAZ and you could also contact the curator through the same?
  7. Try getting in contact with the Spalding (Lincs.) Branch of the Parachute Regiment Association, I remember about 3 years ago having a very boozy and interesting night with 5 of it's members 3 of whom were Arnhem veterans, if those old boys are still about you'll get more info and enough memories than you need and drunk under the table too!

    For early to mid 80 year olds they still live life in the fast lane........
  8. I should imagine there'll be a fair few there in 10 days time.
  9. Taz you don't state what perspective you want to look at the battle from. Can I assume it is one of the Para Bns? Major & Mrs Holts Battlefield Tour is a good starting point for a broad overview. With regard to the war graves this publication will give you quite a few organisations that can help. As a matter of opinion - what does your tasker believe the was the main reason that the whole plan failed? One sentence answer required. ( should help with his mind set) If you give me a better idea of the task I can recommend specific books. Also get in touch with the para Museum in Aldershot and if you can the Hartenstein Museum. This particular battle is also a hobby of mine. You should be able to get a copy of some videos of the event - would recommend theirs is the glory available on CD from the Para Museum - it is a recreation with actual participants of the battle. Planning another visit this year myself so would be interested to exchange ideas.

    Best of luck
  10. Thanks to all that have replied so far, sorry about the spelling , was a very very long day yesterday, and I really am trying to help out a mate in a hole(regain time for him!!).

    Please keep em comming if anyone out there has any other ideas!!

  11. PM sent
  12. Ive done guiding over there for the Paras, ive a rather good tour guide, which covers all areas of the battle from the RAP AT Wolfheze, to the stug at 10 Para, if interested pm me. At work at mo.
  13. Suggest you look at 1 BORDER, who held the perimeter at Oosterbeek (sp?) who landed in gliders, (before the parachutists I was informed by one old fella) Their action is often overlooked but it is every bit as inspiring as the parachute battalions.
    There are several books on their part in the battle.