ArmyvNavy REME Wristbands

Discussion in 'REME' started by 1937amech, Apr 27, 2011.

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  1. Promised my lad that I would take to the Army/Navy this year and let him have his first pint with his old man (at least the first that I have allowed him!) Unfortunately my admin has been up my hoop and applied for wristbands to the REME bar too late.
    If anybody knows of a couple of wristbands (with or without game tickets) that have been ordered but cannot be used, I would be happy to cover all reasonable costs.
    Grateful for any help.
  2. i have 2 wrist bands and tickets that I cannot use. All I want is the outlay (£25 each for ticket + wristband) No offers.

    PM me


  3. I've got 2 x tickets and wristbands if anyone else out there is looking - only after what I paid for them so £25.00 each.

    PM me if you're interested.

  4. Hi Guys, due to a massive badmin on my company, i'm looking for FIVE wristbands, with or without tickets..

    Please Help if you can, possibly willing to pay a little extra i.e £30 for ticket and wrist band.. and pay for next day delivery etc..

    anyone know anybody who has bought bulk or got some spare.. dont have to all come from the same place..


  5. (REME Wristbands).......
  6. Gaz or Spanner, i would be intrested in taking both sets of tickets etc from both of you if 1937 amech hasnt has them from you.
  7. Sorry guys, my tickets went near enough as soon as I advertised them.

    Good luck

  8. no worries matey.. will keep on the trail..

  9. Browny, check your PMs.

  10. Have managed to get hold of 1 ticket and wristband but could still do with another so that my lad does not have to wait outside the stadium!

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  11. Admin also crap, just got back on the planet, looking for 3 tickets with REME bands. pay the going rate. thanks
  12. 1937, check your PM's.
  13. I can get one ticket and wrist band. PM if you want it.
  14. After a wristband only, pm if you can help, cheers
  15. Anyone know what kicked off in the tent after the game to merit about 20 assorted plod to move in?