Army's New Recruitment Adverts For 2021


A kid on the internet did a better a job and could have saved the MoD thousands TBH.

That kid on the internet spent 4 years trying to get into the army and they failed him...

"So after 4yrs of trying to get into the army. I've done MORE than enough.... When i was 16 i got rejected due to sweaty hands, hyperhydrosis.

I appealed and lost. So they told me to sort it with the NHS and come back. So i did. Took a year for the NHS, backwards and forwards with different meds. Finally they signed a letter that i was fit for service and my sweaty hands wasn't an issue..

The army thought i took too long so they discountioned my application but i was waiting for the NHS... So i got instructed to make a new one as my old one was deleted by the recruitment center. Turns out they kept my old one.

Yet they said it was deleted.... That wasted a year.. So i went to college instead.

Fast forward to 2020 and things started looking good had to go through the application process again. But when i told the doc on the med triarge call that i had sweaty hands but i got a letter saying its all okay from the nhs she brushed pasted it and didn't ask further and the questions were too quick!

Turns out they suspended my application.... In total ive done 5 appeals. Ive literally had to appeal an appeal..... Anyways it got up to the chief med staff. They passed me to glencourse...

The doctor at glen course was nice and understood everything, he said that my hyperhydrosis wasn't an issue and i did physical tests and passed... But was deffered due to high blood pressure... Because i was nervous since its took since i was 16 to try and get in...

Anyways got that sorted and 24 hour test proved i had normal blood pressure... Been waiting a month now just for the green light... Just to get a rejection email on my portal due to... Hyperhydrosis... Sweaty hands....

The thing that originally rejected me when i was 16.... YET i have proof, evidence written letters from the NHS proving it was all okay....

Sorry but I've been fucked by the army. How can i be the best if i can't get in?.... I've wasted 4yrs... Trying for a dream... And getting rejected based on no evidence....

That's wrong. They want people that are air tight, nobody is perfect? I don't think isis give a damn about my sweaty hands.... It's total bs.

I know a couple of battle back vets that said the army hasn't gave me a chance. My recruiter Stevie was even pissed off! Because he's been my army recruiter for all these 4yrs just for this result.

So im sorry to everyone who's on here but my dream army career has been shot down to soon.

So im going to try for the west Yorkshire fire service instead.

Thankyou to literally everyone, i appreciate all the kind words "