Army's new missile system

The fact the missle appears to be a fairly bright orange, I would have thought that puts the firer at risk of detection. I am impressed there appears to be little if any backblust, that would make it idea for use from within buildings.
How long have British Troops been using this new missle?


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That is just an orange kids balloooon that somebody has stuck into the back of a long bangy tube thing then they have let it go. Fucking awesome piece of kit Walts.
I see they finally got a cheaper indoor trainer for the javelin then.

I heard BAE started work on this in 1964 and the £30,000,000,000 bill was originally supposed to be £60 + VAT. The "ammunition" was fitted for, but not with knots for preventing ND's but they are still waiting for the subcontractors to come back to them with a price.
I heard the whole lot is being recalled due to soldiers developing latex allergies and the MOD not wanting any claims on the grounds of health and safety.....

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