Armys, Navys and Rafs record for 1.5 miles

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 007m88, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know what the record for the 1.5 miler in the forces is. Just that a lad round mine thinks he ran it in 5.48 at Raf swindon....Thats fecking worldclass speed....Walt or?....Anyone know the record?
  2. The fastest I've actually seen is 7 mins 11 seconds, and that was bloody quick.

    To get 5.48 then you'd beat the world record for the mile I think?
  3. The current mile record is 3.43, so the fastest you could go without breaking the record is to do it in 5.35. 5.48 sounds like bull though.
  4. 13 seconds of the world record....haha can't wait to catch him again! Thanks
  5. The world record for the mile is approx 3:43, set by a Moroccan chap. Multiply that by 1.5 and you get 5 mins 34, but realistically you need to add on a bit. The world record for the 2-miler is 7:58. You could possibly plot an exponential graph thingy which I think would confirm that your friend does indeed hold the world record for 1.5 miles.

    Or you could call him a lying cnut.
  6. Iv'e seen 6 min 33, and actually done 7 min 09 myself (quite a few years ago :roll: ).
  7. Arrange a run with him. Any hesitation and you will know the truth, if it aint obvious already.
  8. Or just call him a lying **** and bask in the warm satisfying glow of being almost 99.99999999% right :) with that 0.00000001% emaining being the chance he's telling the truth. Its the 'Giant Space Hamsters Might Exist Factor' :)
  9. haha what a tool your mate is!

    i've only ever seen it done in like 7.34 by a friend of mine and he was a crazy long distance running guy haha he ran that at 17!

    shame was the minute you poped a bergan on his back he couldnt do anything because he is practically a human stick man
  10. The Navy probably have a decent time as you would have to include the booties. Divers are normally pretty fit blokes.

    As for the RAF you might get a 1.5 mile drive time, but that's it.
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    6.33 beats the 6.45 I've seen. However that was at RMAS in boots a long time ago. He was an running loon. Smoked 20 a day as well the mad git!

    Edited to add - If the Rhine Coy record has been improved, I'll be more than a little impressed.
  13. I seen it being done in 6 min 29 seconds when I was in basic training but to be fair, the guy was an ex para who wanted to join the lads down at Poole and somehow thought it would be better to leave the Army and join the Senior Service as a communicator. I joined up with 3 lads who were all ex booties and not one of them could get anywhere near this guy's time. The PTI's could not trash this guy during beastings at all which was funny as hell to watch as you could see them getting more and more wound up. :D
  14. Running 5.35 for 2414m would require the chap to run the first 2000m in the second fastest time in history (currently 4.50.76) for that distance and then to come close to or to break the British 400m record (44.36).

    If he's Hicham El Guerrouj, he might be able to do the time, but not even the Kenyans have produced anyone able to get within five seconds of his 2000m world record time yet!

    I'm not sure that the conditions underfoot at RAF Swynderby (he can't have meant Swindon, I'd have thought) would be entirely conducive to putting in a performance which would've been enough to earn a place in any British Olympic athletics team of the last 40 years...
  15. I bet the other lads in the training plt just loved that as well.