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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by pixelpanic, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Hello

    I was wondering, I want to join the Army but something with a tech background like IT etc. Don't really want a front line role, would rather do a support role. However the job I was looking at
    Communication Systems Engineer (Role Finder - British Army Website) requires C grades in GCSE's

    I'm 24 years old and an avid IT Technician currently working as one. However I currently don't feel challenged enough in my city job rolls. I have had 3 different IT jobs and not once have I been pushed in those areas or done anything around my skill set.
    All the jobs I have had I have never been challenged enough and want a challenge and want to do something exciting. Hence why I'm looking at the army.

    However due to personal reasons around when I was taking my GCSE's I never got good grades in English or Maths. (Loss of family member, younger brother) (But is that also worth mentioning when I see the Army Advice people.)English and Maths are like grade E or D.
    My writing and spelling are good I love writing. Maths I can do basic maths, I get frustrated with Algebra, but who don't!!

    However, I do have grades relating to IT
    Oracle Database Admin (Which required maths understanding)
    Currently doing a CISCO CCNA
    GNVQ ICT - Merit (Like 4 B Grade GCSE Equivalent I Believe)
    Double Science GCSE - C Grade
    National Diploma Software Development - MMP (200 UCAS Points) Equivalent of A-Levels.
    I have a keyskills which could either be Level 1 or Level 2 i forget which as it was required for when doing my BTEC.

    So will my IT Experience etc lay weight towards what I want to do

    Many Thanks

  2. Speak to the ACIO about it, they'll know if your IT quals could be accepted instead of the traditional GCSEs for being a IS Engineer.

    There are jobs in the Infantry called IT Specialist or something similar and I imagine other Corps such as the RLC of RE will have similar jobs, the jobs isn't as IT related as they lead to believe and if you find working in IT in the city un challenging then these jobs will be worse (speaking from experience)
  3. I guess with the ACIO you just turn up, no appointment needed?

    The thing is all my job is, is just sitting around waiting for user to phone and go it's broke.........

    I like fixing things, building things, being active, I don't want to be sat at a desk all day
  4. With those sort of quals you may find a relaxation of the rules...

    Or you could your GCSEs again in time fr your course.
  5. Yes you can turn up and have a no obligation chat, theres a number of IT related jobs that dont require C AGC Clerk and RLC Supplier (Receipting of stores) but for a better idea of whats available look at the Army website job finder or speak to a Recruiter who will explain the process better....also look at Recruiting tips thread on here.
  6. Bone advice. With those skills you're better off with the Royal Signals.
  7. So how many people are currently waiting to get these Royal Signal jobs who have got the required GCSE grades who have passed ADSC?? I know do you?? If he hasnt got the required GCSE's and some of those quals may aquait to certain GCSE's will the SPSO Royal Signals grant a shading??? More than likely not in this current climate but as I said in my post go into the ACIO with his actual qualifications and later on down the line if he meets all the requirements and has equivalent ICT qualifications the SPSO may grant a shading but in most cases at present more than likely wont as the ammount of people who actually got GCSE C grades means shadings are not needed.

    Before you start your macho responses about a bone reply read what I had put regarding ICT jobs that dont need C/D grades and go back in the NAAFI where you can do your normal drunken bullying :)
  8. I'm normally sober :)

    You offered AGC as an option, when he likes "fixing things"......AGC normally break things, whether it's a pencil, IT equipment, or your monthly pay packet/leave entitlement.

    "doesn't want to be sat at a desk all day"......Hmmmmm, AGC shine their chairs, and wear through the seats of their CS95s

    Bar those 2 minor're spot on :roll:
  9. Human Resource Specialists (clerks) are a little bit more active than a civvy clerk.....ask THE_SNAIL about it :)

    Understand your points but as said pointing out options for IT that dont need the Academic quals just incase......... and Ive known a few combat clerks going on convoys/patrols.............remember every job is soldier first and more active then their civvy said speak face to face with a Recruiter.