Armys Iraq operation postponed after punch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Good honest British restraint,

    guy should be thanking allah it wasn't our colonial cousins he cocked his weapon at

    Excellent drills
  2. Gimp for Information Minister?

    May we be permitted to know more?
  3. -Damn Right, he would be a Human Colander, odd though, most of the Iraqi Cops I worked with were pretty good, especially the ISP's
  4. Could you imagine if the Septics had been there?

    I dare say a few 7.62's would be on the floor and most of the street burning after calling in A-10 support.
  5. -Nah, dont need no A10, thats what our 12 Gauges were for.
  6. I think you must have served in a different Iraq to the one I went to. The IPS were useless, devious and their loyalties definitely lay elsewhere. There were exceptions, but we had loads of instances of IPS vehicles being used as the dicking screen before & after attacks, as this seems to suggest.

    I agree though- good use of minimum force.
  7. My experience of Iraqi coppers was a bit of range work in Basra and to be honest the safest place to be was in front of the fig 11s

    Rounds went either to Iran or into the ground about a meter in front of them

    They were also fond of multi tasking, getting out of a vehicle and clearing weapons at the same time which led to NDs and a few messy lower limbs

    Maybe safer for all concerned if they batted for the otherside fulltime
  8. They had this sort of Gucci thing going where they took the stocks off of the AKs- they thought it made them look cool (along with their huuauge berets) It also made them incapable of hitting a barn door at 10 paces. Not a bad thing really. As far as the ND/ random firing goes, it would have been a lot safer for everyone concerned if we had issued them with blanks.
  9. Good drills that man :D lucky the ISP dude didn't get slotted
  10. "But the local press reported that the Warrior had run over the police car and the officers had been strip-searched."

    Got to love the Iraqi press - this is the same one that reported a demonstration of 600 students about a detention operation. We sent a helo overhead to get an idea of numbers and counted 10 people.

    On the other hand, maybe the soldiers were building up to giving the IPS some roll mats? :mrgreen:
  11. My experience of the Iraqi police was bad. We clocked an IPS vehicle dicking us and stopped it. They claimed to know nothing and we had to let them go. 10 minutes later our vehicle was hit by an IED.

    We were involved in several more incidents, including one where we were forced to dry fire and manouvere out of an IPS station and another when we were met by IPS double manning the sangers, PKMs pointing at us from the roof and the IPS commander cocking his AK and pointing it directly at several of us.

    All in all, a bunch of CNUTS.
  12. This could turn into an IP dit thread!!!!

    Maybe should plonk a poll at the top lol
  13. 10 out of 10 for the squaddie that showed restraint

    if that was me, I'd have slotted the copper too!!