armys future in afghanistan?


just wanted to hear some opinions on whether you think the british forces will stay in afghanistan for the long haul, or whether the government will pull out soon due to lack of military spending, recession, or any other reasons.
it will all depend on how nicely Obama asks ' his friends' to help out...


Brown will keep us in but without the resources that are needed, and those we get will be grudgingly given because he can't get away with not giving it, or has been shamed into doing so.
Britain and the Army will lose prestige, the Army's morale will not improve, and we will be shown to be a now toothless dog, and of hugely diminished importance on the international scene.

All because he wants war on the cheap.


War Hero
Politics; a change of government here and the Tories will start to draw down the numbers on Herrick, then probably Obama will request a show of solidarity and numbers will push back up, and then down. Meanwhile the Army will continue to do the best job they can without the resources they need, the public will grudgingly support the troops and the MOD will continue to throw money into the new Carrier programme and other dated concepts of force projection. Pah. :x

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