Army's airborne engineers build French connection

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 30, 2012.

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  2. A bit better than the usual Crab Air drivel I must say.
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  3. God you are such a cynic. Happy New Year anyway.

    The difference is the article had a bit of meat and detail to it. It was also about Royal Engineers, as close to Gods right hand men as you can get. There was also pictures of cherry berets and bridges.

    Well done I say! Play on. Play on.

    Cry God for Harry, England and the Royal Engineers!

    Good morning Mr Stevens and Windy Notchy Knight
    Hurrah for the CRE
    We're working very hard, down at Upnor Hard
    Hurrah for the CRE
    You make fast, I make fast, make fast the dinghy
    Make fast the dinghy, make fast the dinghy
    You make fast, I make fast, make fast the dinghy
    Make fast the dinghy pontoon
    For we're marching to Laffan's Plain
    To Laffan's Plain, to Laffan's Plain
    Where they don't know mud from clay
    Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,
    Ooshta, Ooshta, Ooshta, Ooshta
    Ikona malee, picaninny skoff
    Ma-ninga sabenza, here's another off
    Oolum-da cried Matabele
    Oolum-da, away we go
    Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,

  4. Spotter mode engaged; the Matey with the starting handle could get a nasty shock using it like that

  5. No sign of Popeye

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