Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Secret-Squirrel, Sep 8, 2004.

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  1. Rather foolishly, I have forgotten my username (They can cope with lost passwords, but not usernames !!!) I bellieve they all follow a pattern along the lines of first two / last four (e.g ex1234) or some combination thereof, but I can't work it out... anyone able to shed any light on this?


  2. Ruperts' is last 3 of number, first 5 of surname...

    ORs and seniors, last 4 of number first 5 of surname...

    ... I think.
  3. It is indeed Last 4 then first 5 of Surname ....


  4. Many thanks, there was me thinking it would be something useful like your zap number (really should have known better!!)


  5. Emmmm, now secret-squirrel, now where have i heard that name before??

  6. What would mine be then? 1234MOUSE :lol:
  7. I don't think there is any set pattern, they just make it up as they go along. Mine is my full surname(8 letters), followed by initial and finally my last three, but they got that wrong. Too much hassle to change anything or issue new users their log ons as it all goes back to a civvy firm and takes weeks - the wonders of modern technology!
  8. SS....How is it you posted your reply to you original post when you should have been in the classroom suffering, like your work mate, the limited mental capacity of an anon student. Skiving barsteward :wink:
  9. Ah WFB, we are talking about the same secret squirrel, a man who has made skiving, caravaning and lightwave an art form.

  10. Been in since April (ok I'm TA things can take months) but still can't get registered on ArmyNet, probably going to have to send an email or something. :roll:
  11. Erm, sorry, I appear to have missed something here. Obviously I have a username similar to someone who caused some aggro, however it clearly isn't the same one (as it let me register it!) and I don't believe I have done anythign to warrant this kind of slanderous reply. I shall be bringing this to the attention of the forum moderators.

    To those of you who replied as one would expect, thank you, ArmyNET usernames (or mine at least) do appear to be last3/4 depending on rank, and then first 5 of surname.


  12. Agro? The Secret Squirrel is well know for agro. Please report me to the forum moderator, i havent had anything banned yet :D

  13. The accusation of Caravaning probably tipped him over edge Boney, that was so jack.. :lol:
  14. Bloody shogun owners, what can i say :D
  15. Having checked with 'The Informer', I can confirm the SS on this thread is not the real thing. A strange coincidence perhaps...welcome to the twilight zone...dee dee dee etc