I am a fan of ArmyNet but the website could be improved. Judging by numerous queries on ARRSE could they put a link to the current pay/allowance rates that works ? (the current site directs you to Army.mod site but that contains nothing either.

If that isnt possible on ArmyNet couldnt ARRSE set up links to the current rates of pay, rates of allowance and pension rates ?

Just wondering ?
Thanks for the assistance.

I can now see the Pay & Pension rates and I have scrolled through the allowances but I cannot find the LOA rates for any country listed - can you ?
Fangy - You are quite right there is no mention of LOA - as these rates change quite often they don't seem to publish them on there so here is an intranet link:

LOA Rates

If you don't have intranet access let me know which rate you are after and I'll dig it out


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