I have tried to logon to Armynet this morning and I just cannot get online.

My memorable word isn't the one I recall entering.

Is there something wrong with Armynet or is my password well and truly up the creek?

Woopie, once you really need it and it just doen't work!


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Armynet are bandwidth thieves.

I can never find anything I'm looking for on there - and let's face it, if it was any good, we wouldn't be on ARRSE would we?
Pay statement dear statement....


My pay statement has not been available since July on ArmyNET.

Still a great resource and has become a lot more popular.

mee n bee they have changed the log in. Contact the help desk and they will sort you out.


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apart from getting yr pay statement I dont touch it. Who in their right mind is going to post on the forum when big brother knows who you are?? I mean. what planet are these people on!!??

I see in this months propoganda monthly (soldier) that it got award after award, but what about ARRSE? I would guess, by looking at the forums that this site gets x1000 more hits a day.


Yes but they are both very different beasts.

ArmyNET is not an anonymous facility. Just like at work you wouldnt chops off in earshot of the management.

Do all your admin on ArmyNET and leave all your rumours, putdowns and down right flaming on ARRSE (within the site policy of course!!)
Disco - through being a devious IT sort of chappy I got around the stupid question side of Armynet and reset my password.....

Secure lol

Well, all 12 year olds have a pc these days.

Armynet isn't's just old fashioned with no real flair!
Only ever used Armynet for Pay statement and now for that online learning course for JPA... (Which is crud.. imho)

'Everyone must join Armynet' they said in our unit..

Failed to mention there was an online learning thing on there that we have to do in preparation for the onslaught of JPA. So now we have loads of computer luddites with no inkling of why theyve joined Armynet.. half have forgotten the passwords, half didnt take any note of them in the first place..
It's all going to fall flat on it's ARRSE... admittedly not ArmyNet's fault.. but, well... It just will.

If there are any ArmyNet admins on here, Please go thru that site and fix the hundreds of links that dont work.. :wink: it has the makings of a useful site, if nothing else..

Armynet are getting anonymous forums set up fairly soon.. In Army terms that is, so probably by 2008. Also throwing up an RSS feed and new instant messenger. Might even get IMAP or Pop3 setup so can access e-mail from Thunderbird/Outlook etc.

The 100,000 person to register will also win a 2Gb army branded black Ipod thing, which is nice. Is the promo advertised in Soldier or else where though?
I received my first text message from armynet - paythingy after registering my mobile no. - could this be the dawn of things to come?

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