Discussion in 'RLC' started by tinkywinky, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi there does anyone know how to receive your log in information about armynet. when i logged in it said that they could not find my information, so when i went to re register it said that i was already registered (whats going on) so now i cant log into it can anyone help me out here. thanks
  2. Happened to me a couple of years ago - I just e-mailed or called them (can't remember which) and they sorted it out for me
  3. thanks but i cant even find a number for them and really i have tryed to get one.
  4. Contact pay office and talk to the paymaster who can advise (It's simple reallty and should be no more then sending you your passwords (there are several which you gave them....)
  5. Try this - it worked for one of the guys in work!

    Your user name should be - your last 4 of Regtl No followed by first 5 letters of surname (in lower case)

    Enter this in user name and click on "Forgotten Password"

    If your details are still on register you should then be taken through and allowed to reset password
  6. if that fails see your master clark an get him to log you on again.
    an he should give you your user name an password.
  7. Master Clerk? Are you Royal Navy (apologies to all Naval personnel...)


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  13. Thanks man! Willing to share slug (timeshare type thing?)

    I have started a 7.62mm oxygen thief thread, I am hoping to get him a medal!
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