I'm led to believe that everyone in both the Regulars and TA should have access to ArmyNET yes? Why is it then that upon trying to register I am declined after providing all the relevant information both correct and up to date. Giving the following possible reasons I assume the first is the problem, if so who is the best person to speak to about it at my Unit?

Your details were not found in our database.
Possible causes for this are:

You may not be a Serving Soldier (Regular, TA or reservist) of the British Army, or your sponsor has not yet activated their account.

You may have made an error when inputing your details (try again).
The details you have entered do not match those contained on the Army Pay Database - as supplied by AFPAA (it is important that any details entered correspond to your pay details - confirm them with your Admin Office).

Your Pay Account may not have been activated or the update has not reached the database (confirm with your Admin Office if your pay account has been activated).

You may be in receipt of certain specialist pay (making your Pay Details RESTRICTED). If you are in receipt of certain specialist pay, contact us at and provide us with your details (including a military telephone number). We will activate your account and contact you accordingly.

Anyone else had similar problems?
That happened to me...I emailed the help desk and they told me where to go from there.
Cheers NT I'll e-mail them and see what's what, was hesitant to do so before as in my experience it is a lot quicker to sort it by other means.

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