Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by PapaGolf, May 28, 2012.

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    What a ******* pile of shit! If you work for Armynet then you must be care in the community, cos whoever is responsible for that pile of ******* **** needs shooting. Twats!
    1 attempt to login - WRONG! (Even though it wasn't)
    2 attempt to login - WRONG! (Even though it wasn't) Locked for 5 minutes after 3 failed attempts

    Rant over (I've just given up the smokes)
  2. Calm down dear.

    Try again, and if all else fails phone Blandford.
  3. I gave up on Armynet years ago, it is the biggest pile of shite going, no matter how you polish it, it's still a turd.I dont think there was a single time when it never fucked me off, claiming my password was wrong, even when it was right.They should just close it down.
  4. Nah, their forums are well used and informative... Pluse they hav the board results. I like reading them, to find out ow blokes in other capbadges are doing.
  5. Over and Over and Over and Over again! No change! You ******* useless Armynet *****, I hope you all fall down flights of stairs, carrying trays of glasses, twats
  6. Having just completed the ArmyNet improvement survey online. One of the questions was: "Why do you not use the ArmyNet forum regularly?"

    My answer was: "Because nobody uses it and if I need any information via a forum, I'd have better luck using the Army Rumour Service website."
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  7. Armynet lost its one and only selling point when it was blocked by that other piece of sh*t DII.
  8. and you can get your pay statement online when you are on Leave.
  9. ...and you can now visit the new Army App Store for things like 7 Questions, LOAC, Fitness, BFA etc apps for Android and iOS.
  10. well I'm sure thats the idea, but they never seem to update mine till well after the cash is in the bank. *****.

    Maybe its just me, or maybe its because I'm a stabby **** these days and I only earn about £3 a month from HMG for the odd night I actually tip up each month. I suppose I need to get in line with the rest of the TA, and brief someone up to sign the sheet for me in my absence.
  11. Half the bone questions on here would be answered in advance if people bothered to use the Armynet reference portal, however, that would mean you had any army number at some stage (or was sponsored by a soldier) so that would discount many many people on here ^~
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  12. Works absolutely fine for me and my family.

    Never been fucked off by it, use it for pay statements when I can't get to jpa and used regularly for emails whilst on tour and for my family to see the newsletters.
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    I've just had a quick look and it still seems less than intuitive to me. Possibly because I don't use it for much more than email right enough.
  14. I find it good for Unclas pubs, JSPs, DINs & ABNs when I am away from DII
  15. Is that out yet?