does anyone know who to contact/email if you cannot get on to armynet? apparently my name, number, date of birth, password and memorable word are all incorrect. i admit i MAY have forgotten the password or memorable word but seeing as i am reading them off a piece of paper that has had them on for about 4 years now, and i am pretty sure i know who i am, i can't see what the problem is. it's just that it does not seem to give you the option of contacting someone.
You can reset your password from the "forgotten your password" link (in red letters)

It asks you for you inside leg measurement, your NI number, your fathers 1st cousins sister date of her 1st period, and various random words to be found in the Bible.

It's a 1st class pain in the shitter, but it can be done.

Good luck
Having moved to Andover we are now using the HQLF service desk and they are currently not able to accept phone calls for Armynet support (they don't have internet other than DII)

You can email them at

Or if you send me the following via internal email (ctrl K paddock I start LF-CBM-AIS)

Service number
Date of Birth
National Insurance number

I'll reset your account and send you login details.
Our access is controlled by the list from JPA so if you're on that list you can have an account.

PM me your service number and I'll check (or just try and create an account)
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