I was having the same problem so I'll venture a guess and say there's a tenchnical error somewhere.
Cheers GBTD - how are the socks coming along - hope they suit the UK Winter climate as well as the place you are :wink:
Can I ask what people use Armynet for? As I'm quickly becoming dissillusioned.

Checking payslips, ok but my unit is efficient enough for me to get them in hard copy on time anyway. BAR, good stuff easy to read until you realise it's all out of date and you must beg your unit for the next copy. Army Training and Doctrine magazine thing not there or well hidden on my last look but again unit provides.

Basic arabic phrases? Bloody well hidden but will not help you pass a qualification, as realised to my horror. :D.

They even have a cunning section on magazines, making you think the army has payed to have access to them... but no. It just sends you to the websites and an attempt to drain your wallet.

So really, can someone please tell me what comes from Armynet... I'll be quite happy to repent if i've missed the useful stuff...
There's a library or something on there-meant to be fairly useful, but IE has issues getting at it. Apparently Firefox works well though.
There is an army forms sections where you can download and fill in most of the Army forms you will ever need. I've used it a few times and it is pretty good. Apart from checking payslips, I don't use it for anything else. The forums on there are crap.
I don't bother with the pay details - pathetically out of date. I did give the forums a real shot about a year ago (in abacus' pre-ARRSE days) and found them reasonably useful for specific things; I wanted a templated Risk Assessment for an Adventure Training Exercise I was putting together and got it with a minimum of fuss. Now I know you can get that sort of thing from ARRSE but not all ARRSE members use ArmyNET and not all ArmyNET users use ARRSE (although I happen to know that the ArmyNET admin team are regular visitors :wink:)

The email system is a good way of establishing Mil bona fides for contacts on this site (I've yet to see scum.journo @
In the hope that one of their admin team actually is reading this:

Wooly thinking on their part trying to promote ArmyNET through Unit Posters. Best way for them to spread the word would be by an advert on ARRSE.
Don't forget the Pay details and ability to look things up are very useful for those of us lucky enough to be having a free bucket and spade holiday in the sun.
The problem with Armynet is not the site, but the Army itself. I think the Army has a golden opportunity to fully exploit the internet like the Yanks do; however, too many units are not ready for the internet. The soldiers are - the bosses arn't.

The unit websites all provide the ability to publish unit orders etc so that soldiers don't have to be in barracks to carry out admin etc. Yet few are using it to make life easier for the boys. What ever happend to IIP?

The problem is that there is very little Internet access in barracks and until there is, units will not use it fully - even though the likes of us use the Internet regularly, may still prefer paper on notice boards. A golden opportunity missed is the fact that JPA will not be accessible on the Internet!

I think we will all agree that the reason why this site is so good is because we all contribute to it. Armynet provides much more functionality - but it will only ever work if the whole Army contributes to it and not just a few blokes paddling against the tide with the right vision - but no support.

Remember that everytime the Army introduces a new technology - the more senior the staff - the less likely they are to adopt it.

As for the overall content - there is a great deal on there and I for one use it a great deal. Getting pay statement in Iraq on time is a bonus (although recently they have been delayed). Information is always going to be out of date unless those who produce it/provide it, to the admin guys, update it. Armynet provides them the means - they just need to get used to doing it. The forums are limited and under used - although Jacko has a forum for feedback - now that is something. I suppose the saying "you can lead a horse to water - but you can't make it drink" comes to mind. All the Army has to do is think beyond the intranet/noticeboard and for once exploit technology that is now available to it. I for one have not seen any Army wide direction (less when deploying to Iraq) to "use Armynet" and until it does - how can the Army expect soldiers to use it? How many soldiers even know it exists????

They'll get there in the end (when everyone else has moved on.....)
I only use the Army net for loooking at my pay statement if i happen to be on leave at the time they are dished out, the main problem with this is the time it takes for them to be on the site, i checked my bank account online and normally the day before it shows my wages as a pending transaction, this time i wanted to transfer some money from one account to another, checked my bank account, no pending transactions, so i went to Armynet to check my pay statement, to at least confirm i had been paid and alas no pay statement, so i had to wait until my wages showed on the account, before i could do anything.

Other than that if i want any info, it all seems to be on the Army site anyway.
ArmyNet - an excellent tool and under utilised. I have been an avid reader of their pages since inception and have seen the site mature over the past year under the excellent steerage of the incumbent chap who is soon off to Glasgow.

Recently retired: I posted a short ditty about the challenges I was having receiving my Final salary and dues. Within 3 mins of posting I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call to indicate that things can and WILL be put right - OCSCOTLAND many thanks.

My view ArmyNet and ARRSE compliment each other - FACT
ArmyNET is also good for checking internet email on the restricted intranet - I can get my email from my civvi accounts forwarded to my ArmyNET account - this way I don't miss anything important during the day...
wg100 said:
ArmyNET is also good for checking internet email on the restricted intranet - I can get my email from my civvi accounts forwarded to my ArmyNET account - this way I don't miss anything important during the day...
You are such an interesting bloke. Snore.

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