Havent a clue if this is the right section or not but im having a bit of trouble with armynet in the sence that i have never created an account yet i have a user name and password that i dont know as well as not knowing the answers to any of the question to reset the account.
any one know how to solve this have got in contact with the help desk but pretty much got told to **** off. do i go to my paso or any other member of my platoon or coy staff .
just got on to it myself, and had a bit of trouble, first letter of your password must be a capital took me ages to sus that out ..... ludite!!!!
I've been having trouble with it for ages,

I've reset password and memorable word and then copied it verbatum into the slots and still got nowhere I even emailed the (un)helpdesk and got a reply telling me to do all of the above.

Pile of arrse ever since they upgraded the security with extra bits and bobs it even lets me reset password then tells me I dont exist FFS :x
Yeah, its a fair amount of faff to access non-restricted/unclass data. I did laugh when I had to log on to ArmyNet to read a press release...
polar69 said:
I disagree, if you think its a faff getting into armynet then you should try getting into online banking applications
Actually, online banking has never been simpler for me. (Barclays account accessed with a portable card reader, the mutts nuts). I've struggled with Armynet in exactly the same way as HEART_STOPPER in that I've handwritten the password and memorable word exactly as they appear on the screen, and then retyped them perfectly, and still I can't get in. It's a wank system anyway - who the fuck has a memorable WORD that contains both letters and numbers? :x
I'd be suprised to hear of anyone who doesn't store a copy of their username.

I mean username - which obviously means I store the rest.

Armynet is the most insecure system I use because it has tried to be the most secure.

At least I have access to the training programme now, thanks to the people that set that up.
polar said:
Armynet is the most insecure system I use because it has tried to be the most secure..
Nail - head. By making conditions in passwords such as having both letters and numbers, minimum of 8 digits, etc. people are forced to write them down. I've got the following computer accessed accounts, next to which is a breakdown of the password conditions;

DII; random 9 letter password generated periodically.
JPA; can create own password featuring a letter, a number and a symbol, minimum eight digits. Expires periodically.
HRMS; can create own password with a minimum of eight digits, expires periodically.
PACER; (work specific, closed network) random 9 letter password generated periodically.
DLP; minimum eight characters, unsure of expiry timescale.

We are not computers. We have good memories, but there are limits to what we can remember. There is no way I'm going to remember all the passwords for the accounts listed above unless I write them down. (I'm not even going to begin to list the private accounts I need passwords for such as my private email, bank, etc).
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