Armynet-Would access be benefitial to Veterans/Mil pensioners too?

I'm new to this thread but couldn't help noticing your (serving) P60's are online. As a Mil pensioner a long way from home I'd appreciate accessing mine if the need arose ie if it failed to arrive via conventional mail. Armynet could also be used to update those with commitments to the reserve etc (currently a very hit-and-miss affair).

Maybe they could have their own arnynet?
Serious question. Do I lose my access to Army net on my final day of service? I am aware that my JPA and DII (F) accounts are de-activated on that day, but not sure if Army Net access is tied into this process?
Not really using either JPA or DII (F) now, as I am on gardening leave, but it is quite handy to log into Army net once in a while, particularly to give the Promotion Boards a once over, to see who the new kingmakers are!

There is a facility for Mil Pensioners who did not have an account whilst serving to request Armynet accounts, to get this set up you need to approach one of the Armynet admin staff. There are a couple of them that use ARRSE (Andy_Paddock for one), I will PM him the link to this thread.


Once Armynet gets notification that you no longer have access to JPA, they change your account type to "Life" which gives you access to most areas of Armynet. You still get access to the Promotion boards. :)
There are more details on the Armynet help pages.

Shiny, gbs, thanks for the responses and confirmation of future access to Armynet.
Shiny, gbs, thanks for the responses and confirmation of future access to Armynet.
I don't want to rain on your parade, but what I actually said was that you could request an account. Contact one of the Armynet admin staff and they should advise you how to go about it. Armynet is run by a very small team, so it may take some time.

You can pm me your army number and I will tell you if you have an account.

Our records go back quite a way but it's a bit hit and miss if you never had an account.

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