ArmyNET, what’s it all about?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Goku, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. What can be found on ArmyNET and is it worth me registering?
    I thought it might be worth looking at to help prepare for RCB, but when I came to register the bloody thing didn’t recognise my details and told me to go and confirm them with my admin office :?

    Before I start bothering my local paper shufflers, will I find anything potentially helpful there or am I just wasting my time?
  2. You can get your pay statement well before the admin office send it out!
  3. well you have to have an army number first. are you OTC or TA
    You can check your pay on it which is quite useful
    And get onto the army chat service if you are really that stupid you want to start making bone comments about military stuff and get your ass chewed when you army number comes up. Besides thats what arrse is for.
    Hurrah for arrse
  4. Actually it has many features that ARRSE does not. You should look at the 2 sites as being complimentary halves of a cohesive whole.

    And the CoC do not make little lists of who says what - chopper.
  5. I’m TA and I’ve had my number for some time now.

    I entered all my details correctly with acceptation to my blood group which I don’t actually know, but I did try every option and it still wouldn’t give me any loving :?

    I have no interest in posting bone questions there, I just want to see if there is any useful information that I wouldn’t be able to find on ARRSE or anywhere else in the public domain.
  6. Your an adult,in the TA and don´t know your blood group....................that is fcuking frightening!!!!
  7. Check your MOD90 (ID Card) - it should be on there.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  9. It says OD POS on my MOD90 which I assumed was my blood type when I first attempted to register, however that is not an option on AmyNETs bloody type drop down list.
  10. Try just O Pos then - the 'D' may be a typo!
  11. As I said earlier, I did try every blood type – including O Pos.
    Still no loving from ArmyNET…
  12. The ArmyNET helpdesk people are very good and can resolve virtually any problem.

    Always worth a try, mate.

  13. Are you trying to imply that the TA (and the otc under that umbrella) don't have army numbers? o_O

    Most useful feature I reckon is definately the pay statement.
  14. ArmyNet is good for a lot of things, not least the ability to get a sensible answer to a sensible question. (Or, for that matter, a sensible and tolerant answer to a really stupid but serious question).

    The downside is that it isn't very funny and that your username (a combination of your Army number and the first letters of your surname) gives you away to those who know you. I believe that you can use an alias but the last time I looked, you could trawl through the profiles of users and identify any alias used. Perhaps this has been rectified by now.

    ArmyNet also gives you an e-mail address (webmail), which can be useful if you go roaming and don't like HotMail, though as it ends with "" is a bit waltish if you're e-mailing civvies.

    It's a closed board, entry is via two levels of password. Access is only available to serving soldiers (Regular or TA). You can nominate one other person to use the board as a guest. The rules still require that only UNCLAS material be posted, though PERSEC is less of a worry than on ARRSE.

    There are some good links to military matters and there are no posts by 5.56mm.

    A big advantage of ArmyNet over ARRSE is that you can go in, do, and come out again in a short period. With ARRSE, you tend to stay up half the night watching threads develop.

    Darth is right. You get the best by using both ArmyNet and ARRSE. Unfortunately, the security procedures (improved(?) a couple of years ago) don't seem to be compatible with all firewalls (and in my case, something else as well, but haven't worked out just what) with the result that some features may not work or require a convoluted work-around. But you may be one of the 99.99% of lucky ones.