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Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by Verbal-Rebuke, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Here's a simple one for the ArmyNet gurus, (Or anyone else who may already know the answer.) it might seem a bit bone, but here goes.
    I am now the lucky owner of a shiny new DII(F) terminal, however it is not IGS enabled (Not yet anyway).

    Can I access ArmyNet through DII(F)?

    If so, simple terms please, I am no IT whizz. :blush:


  2. The answer's 'yes', but you need an EGS (External Gateway Service - was called IGS until recently) first. If you've got a DII standard account I think EGS is part of the package anyway - ask your adminstrator (or BUPOC, in DII-speak).

  3. The system should deliver an EGS account to you as part of the package within 5 days. :D

  4. So if you have a DII account you automatically can get onto the internet within 5 days?? Why are they bothering with an extra username and password
  5. You only get an automatic EGS account if it is DII(F) standard account.
    If it is a DII(C) or a DII(F) occasional account you have to bid for one.
    The easiest way if it is a DII(F) occasional account ask your Authorised Demander to upgrade it to a standard user.
    Although they say it takes 5 days from receiving your standard account details to your EGS details its more like 2 weeks.
    Army Net is only available on the Internet not the Intranet, a bit short-sighted as they plan to move clothing exchanges on to Army Net!
  6. My bold. And how is that going to work FF? Are they going to email me some new boots?
  7. I haven't a clue!
    We at Tidworth have been chosen to trial the idea.
    I've already written an e-mail to the organisers on how it won't work, as it means that all personnel need Internet access.
  8. The trail for clothing exchanges and how they plan it to work in on one of the opening pages on ArmyNET. There is also a FAQ section which should answer any questions.
  9. There is another problem too I'm afraid. Armynet is not a trusted site on DII/F and very often it will not load properly or it freezes.

    Nobody apparently asked for it to be included when the contract was drawn up. :?: :oops:
  10. Try using a DII/F laptop! Another 3 layers of passwords and then it doesn't work - and when it does, it still doesn't have EGS on remote working. :crying: :crying: :crying:

    On second thoughts; don't try a laptop! :D

  11. Oh for a DIIF Laptop
  12. Is Army net used in oh lets say, Main Building or Northwood?
  13. So, how does that work for the bulk of our soldiers who need access to DII/F in order to access JPA etc? I thought that EGS came as part of the standard package? Does that mean that occasional users cannot access the Internet and Armynet? But it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about DII/F!

    BTW, it's 2-5 days for EGS access in my neck of the woods. But a couple of weeks or more to obtain the DII/F account!


    Edited because I wasn't clear enough!
  14. I got a DII/F Account, just no computer to access it on
  15. You don't need EGS to get on to JPA, it's an application on all accounts occasional and standard.