ArmyNet security issues

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mungeous, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have any sort of policy directing the use of ArmyNet and controlling its use over IGS?

  2. I remember speaking to one of the SNCOs who works on ArmyNet and if I remember correctly it has special dispensation to be allowed through on the EGS gateway.

    Contact them, they are very helpful and always respond to enquiries promptly.
  3. I know lots of internet sites that can be accessed through the EGS. Do you know what ArmyNET's special dispensation allows over and above that granted to "normal" websites?
  4. Well, it gives HTTPS Webmail and file/data transfer from Restricted networks.
  5. You're right on the first, but I can do the second on lots of other sites too.

    p.s. how is the job?
  6. Sorry boys, I should have been more specific.

    ArmyNet is the only site allowed through the EGS Gateway to enable you to get web based mail.

    I stand ready to be corrected, but pretty sure from what the guy at ArmyNet told me.

    I tried Virgin and Tiscali web based mail from my work terminal using EGS and they both failed.
  7. Some web based mail can be enabled for individual users - happens with contractors who need to access company web email through DII.
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Could it be that Armynet is allowed access through EGS as it has an SSL connection.

    Once the HTTPS tunnel is created then the EGS account does not know what data is being passed through the secure socket layer.

    If you find another site that allows SSL and has a webmail service you may find that this also works (not sure of any).

    I really think it may be as simple as Armynet SSL is allowed on the EGS and therefore any service that is provides gets through as that SSL is possibly not monitored.

    Clear as mud I know.
  9. But the IGS blocking is done by a normal URL / IP based filtering engine, which could catch Armynet quite easily, rather than anything more clever (i.e. content protocol aware), I believe.

    Gmail can be forced to use SSL throughout - its default is SSL for login and then HTTP but you can change this on Settings: General: Browser Connection. Although I haven't tried to access gmail through IGS ... (Interestingly, if you can get to iGoogle through IGS, you can at least check whether you have any new mail through the Gmail widget so you can go and find a more useful computer.)

    Or just that it is webmail under Army control, with a limited degree of monitoring for abuse and traceability of account ownership, and therefore 'trusted' to a slightly higher extent than commercial offerings? Not currently having an active DII account myself, would somebody check whether you can get to RNCOM ( from within the 'ring of soggy paper'?