Armynet running slow?

Been trying to log onto Armynet all night without any joy - the login screen asking for your letters from your secret word hung for about two hours without doing anything and a second attempt has so far seen me wait ten minutes for the home page to finish downloading.

I don't have any problems with any other sites, so is there a problem with Armynet or have I got some weird virus that only affects one site?
Can you email me at admin@armynet with more details so I can try to resolve the issue. In particular I need:

The network you are trying to get access from (ie, home, work DII, ChoTS, ect)

Any particular trends (only at certain times of the day, after you've done something in particular, ect)

Any other pertinent info that may be useful.

Please put "follow up to ARRSE post" in the subject line.

Many thanks,


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