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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by skintboymike, May 15, 2007.

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    It's rather amusing to see the results of Armynets most recent poll;

    Poll in full (so far)

    How would you describe your military accommodation?

    Good - 14 %

    Acceptable - 24%

    Below Standard - 49%

    Not Applicable - 13%

    Who monitors Armynet? Also, what can a poll like this possibly hope to achieve?
  2. Umm, They will acheive ermmmm ignoring the results of the latest poll?

    Or spin it in such a way that it appears positive?

    Or alternatively - hope that no one posts the results from a "secure" online community on an open site :wink:

    How's the new trade :?
  3. All good thanks mate, should have done it years ago.

    P.S. Young Christopher's up and running, sometimes I feel like a greyhound chasing the rabbit. :)
  4. Below standard has now gone over the halfway point.
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    The 12% for 'not applicable' is a bit baffling. If it doesn't apply then why are you bloody voting on a 'How would you describe your military accommodation?' poll? :roll:
  6. Either TA, or living off camp?
  7. Or the chancellor trying to change the figures for when he's PM :twisted:
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Think so. I'd taken it to be a poll aimed at those that live in mil accom permanently though and wondered why anyone who doesn't would vote (I'm TA so haven't as my stays in bks etc aren't really representative).
  9. Apologies for ressurrecting an old thread, but I'm really having issues with this 'Armynet Polls' b*llocks. The latest one ask for opinions on retired Gurkha's treatment - just who exactly runs the Armynet site? This topic has been done to death in the media and on ARRSE recently, and the way the question is worded there will only be one answer in the end. If Armynet is intended to be a community and information site for soldiers and their families, why such provocative and controversial material?

    It sounds to me like a bit of soapbox ranting from within the site's ranks, but I'll stand corrected if any official Armynet representatives have anything contrary to say on the matter.
  10. I take it from your comments that you think the latest polls have had no effect?
  11. I am temporarily working for Aspire, the company who is constructing/renovating the accomodation in Warminster, Neveravon, Bulford, Tidworth, Perham Down and Aldershot. The accomodation is spot on, the JR accomodation is better than what I have got in the mess. NOBODY WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!
  12. I asked Tony Blair for a response. This is what he had to say:

    "I think what this survey quite clearly shows is that more than half of Service personnel did not say that their accommodation was Below Standard. This is quite clearly an endorsement of Labour policies over the last ten years and demonstrates that invading Iraq was the correct thing to do."
  13. With regards to the first poll I mentioned about army accomodation, I feel the poll was justified, as it truly is a diverse subject with many differing answers. Just because my quarter is in shit order doesn't neccessarily mean everyone's are. Even though it's in a squaddie's nature to let on that things are worse than they really are, many still gave a positive verdict on their accomodation. However, with the poll "Do you think Gurkha & Commonwealth soldiers are treated fairly once discharged", I feel this is heading up a dead end. Gurkhas ARE treated poorly, we don't need a totally one sided poll to highlight this. (The 30% who voted 'YES' need to watch the news a bit more.) If poor old Tul Bahadar Pun VC isn't afforded proper treatment by his former employees then what chance has the average Gurkha of getting any? At the time of writing 1421 angry posts have been added to the thread in support of this gent, many offering wholehearted support.

    I'm not saying the poll's subject matter is not topical or relevant enough, I just think it's a pointless question. For example, if I were to start a poll, "Is the army overstretched?", we'd reach a similar outcome.

    Can I just ask - what is this information being gathered for?