ArmyNet Pay Statements

Just looking on ArmyNet and i have two identical pay statements, one dated 29th Feb and the other dated 3rd March. Anyone had similar issues?

Hope this isn't a pre-curser to a fooked bounty!

And for the record only received one pay into my bank account!
My paystaments always show zero on Armynet?? Yet I receieve regular payments into my account & with corresponding statments in the post?

In the words of Toyah Willcox......"It's a misthterwy"
How long before this years P60 will appear on Armynet? I need mine for my accountant.
Well my pay statements are showing for the wrong months, and I have double ups on some of the months (feb and mar showing for Feb). I logged a call with the JPA helpline, they referred me to these guys:

Technical Data Statements - 01962 768 052

I logged a call with them, they fixed one month but then messed up another which was originally fine. I gave up and rely on good old paper copies.

I must say what I find annoying with the whole system is that my pay is for month x (or at least the month that the payrun was initiated), but because it is paid the first working day of the following month the period says month x+1. This is not correct in my mind from an accounting point of view, it should be the month the pay was earned/put through. You would think that a 21st century IT system could deliver accurate data.

One of my colleagues used to work for EDS and he says they were a real shambles, I am right in thinking that JPA was deployed by them :)

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