Armynet Pay Statements

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. no pay statement available on armynet.

    is this just a blip for myself or has this happened across the board.

    no access to jpa to be able to check if it is on there.

    paperwork pay statement should reach me around august, as usual.


  2. Same here, a little worried but I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow...


  3. Not worried at all. I have every confidence in JPA and the highly paid professional staff who look after our pay.

  4. Same here, not been paid properly since moving to BFG, looks like they've still not funded my German account either.
  5. Pay statements have been on JPA since 26 Mar (well mine was anyway). So although pay statements may ot be on Armynet, they are out there somewhere.

  6. Can we get on JPA via t'internet?
  7. don't think so.
  8. I havent got my statement on army net either... great system!
  9. Thank FCUK for that!!

    Thought it was just me that was going to get shafted whilst on Easter leave

    No doubt it will be in the bank tommorow...

    complete and utter confidence in the all new singing dancing JPA.......

    Ermmm.........Does anyone know where l can get some money fast if it all goes milk juggs up??
  10. Got all my pay statments, just no money!
  11. Glasgow told me if you don't get paid you are legally entitled to an EPIC payment ( don't ask me what it stands for) for all that months pay.

    I'm hoping mine is definately going in. I was told it wasn't and to get one of these payments. When I apporached the money man, he checked and said it was going through. Rang Glasgow back and they double checked. According to the system it is. But then again, according to system I was going to be getting some back pay last month. 10 points if you can guess if it was there or not.
  12. So, if we don't get our money, can I storm into my local career office and demand cash/check to the value of?

    Also, can you check JPA in your local ACO?
  13. You'd need to check with Glasgow about the pay. That is what I was told.

    They may have JPA at the ACO for their own use but I think you'll need to see your own unit as the ACO won't have access or be able to change anything about your record.

    Hey, possibly worth a try though if nothing else has worked :D
  14. You can access JPA at any unit that has access to the RLI, that is DII(F), TANET, CSSR, etc, this should include ACIOs. Your access is exactly the same wherever you access it from, you don't need to be at your own unit.

  15. Anti Wah hat on:

    Emergency Payment In Cash

    Normally more trouble than they're worth and usually add more admin dramas to any problems a soldier may alreeady have, due to the clueless fekkers in JPAC. However, if you really are stuck approach the CofC or your Unit HR Staff, they can organise a such a payment for you.

    Anti Wah hat off.