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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wg100, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. I've just been informed that pay statements on Armynet will soon not be available and that I will have to turn solely to JPA to view them.
    Is this correct? If so, who thought up this stupid idea? JPA is not available on the internet, so I have to travel into my TA centre to be able to access JPA. There are 3 terminals for 60 blokes, so how the hell am I supposed to do my admin on a 2 hour drill night plus do the nights training?
    It strikes me that yet again, the TA is an afterthought... What a bunch of wank.
  2. We had an armynet briefing only weeks ago from the webmaster (a REME WO). He told us then that the pay statements are staying on armynet and as armynet has won awards for security etc, JPA will soon be launched through armynet. It is due to be that big a thing that all new recruits will sign for a login at the same time as getting their army number.
  3. About bl**dy time! The US have been doing this for some years. Can anyone else confirm this?
  4. I was at an SPS Seminar this weekend- the subject of access to JPA VIA Armynet/ Internet was brought up by the Director SPS (he owns JPA as far as the Army is concerned!) - who stated that access would be provided at some point via the net but not in the foreseeabe future ie not this year or next year. When it does come it will probably NOT be via Armynet as there is no need for this. The problem is apparently not the access to personnel records but the fact that JPA sits on the RLI along with all sorts of other stuff that the powers that be don't want hackers getting at!
  5. ArmyNET is a great idea, but I'd like to see it extended to joint service. That's another reason for no JPA over ArmyNET, as JPA is Joint Service and it would leave our RN and RAF colleagues admin-free!
  6. Don't want to get into a geeky/techie discussion here (wrong thread), but there are a number of freely available technical "fixes" to the security issues. For example, the international banking community manages to move £/$ trillions every day perfectly securely...
  7. SB,

    Totally agree - terrible thing paranoia!!!

  8. Hey seanbean

    You are right but I recently did some courses with some IT geeks in the banking world and they have an army of programmers, consultants, DBA etc working for them. They are given huge cash from the banks as on-line banking means less banks on the highstreet, or less staff.

    You would not have believed the budgets these guys had, also, they kept a lot of the technology under locked key to stop competitors getting that source code and most importantly keeping hackers away.

    I do not think our staff at ArmyNet or JPA even have these sort resources.