Armynet Message of the Day: UJ Club - WTF!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dirk-the-turk, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. If those who have an Armynet account could just log in & view the "Message of the Day", I would be pleased to hear any views on what will be discussed during this clearly vitally important seminar.

    And to think we are at war on at least 2 fronts at the moment and we don't have enough budget to properly equip and care for our service men and women.

    Really, this beggars belief!
  2. if you're talking about the benders forum at the UJ club, old news....move on, nothing to see
  3. This is old news. It's also called the "Tri-Service Pick Up Opportunity For Aging Matelot's."
  4. You mean this ????

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  5. Notice its hosted by the RAF. This is because.......?
  6. You would rather it was hosted by the Army?
  7. This is because the RAF is not full of narrow minded bigots

  8. Your not getting any are you
  9. Oh bless. Tell you what TRU, filter along and tell us all about it.
  10. SO2 Diversity - What a user name!
  11. Has anyone seen the filename for the above pic? Funny as.
  12. So, what are the hot LGBT issues of the day..

    Dungarees - should they be available in DPM?
    Boots Combat High - can they be regarded as comfortable shoes?
  13. I'm confused as to what they do in "workshops". Does it involve a lathe, 2" diameter dowel and some KY?
  14. Have a look in the APTC threads...
  15. Well it's the Third Year running and it is Tri-Service so I will hazard a guess that both the Army and the Royal Navy have had their turn in hosting it !!

    It must be succesful otherwise it wouldn't keep going, although when at a loose moment at work (honest) I read the DIN for it and it stated that sexuality of personnel attending should not be assumed :D

    I can imagine the scene at some RSM's Office when asking to swap a duty so you could attend the LGBT Forum for 2 days :lol: