ArmyNet mail

Indeed, which shows it is vulnerable, so my point stands. In addition as was pointed out, emails have to travel to the hotmail servers and there is no encryption on hotmail and as such the emails are sent in plain text which can be intercepted enroute to the hotmail servers (which as you know is very easy) and as such my point stands again.
Armynet emails aren't encrypted either.


While some people may have unique, strong, passwords and Two Factor Authentication turned on, an awful lot do not. Given the frequency of password reuse the large number of data breaches that contain recoverable passwords and email accounts it is safe to say that in general a service member's civilian email account is significantly more likely to be compromised than their DGW account.
Vs. The Ops officer who hides his Dii password at the back of his moleskin notebook. emails are only secure as the sack if meat with the password.
xkcd: Security

Other more cost effective implements are available

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