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My son is a serving soldier,and has started using ArmyNet. I know I can sign up as a guest, but do I need to do that to send him emails, i.e. can I send an email to his armynet address via my private email, or can it only be done within ArmyNet.

Also, when he deploys on OP Herrick, will ArmyNet be his only source of email ??


Don't worry you can communicate with your lad using your normal email account. Likewise, depending upon how remote / austere the conditions, he will have probably access to other email services as well, through the welfare system. But...ArmyNET is a better choice for deployed personnel as it has a number of security features and it is designed to get through the various gateways that sometimes block other types of web-based email at least on military-run systems.
If you're ex-serving you should be able to get your own Armynet account.



RABC said:
Thanks - makes a change from Blueys !!! (Ah nostalgia )
eBlueys - simple and efective if you have any email problems. If I remember and am not beaten to it will publish a link tonight.
RABC said:
Can I - What info do I need please (I still have my number tattooed on my longjohns !!)
Just try registering, it asks you loads of questions, but nothing that you should have difficulty answering. Name, number, date of bith, NI number and so on.

It has given me an account. I have put my profile as Guest/Family. Hope I havent broken any rules.

It looks like a very useful portal.
Thanks everyone
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