Armynet email on Outlook - possible or not?

I don't think you can, but I'd be interested to hear about it if I'm wrong.

jimmys_mate and jimmys_best_mate, have you tried asking Jimmy? Perhaps he knows?

jimmys_best_mate said:
Is it possible to set up Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express to access your armynet email account (ie on standard home computers?

If so, what settings do you need to use?
This subject has been raised on ArmyNet Forums recently,

To quote what was recently mentioned on ArmyNet:

"Got a email stating there testing it but there are some security issues and other coding matters that need to be taken care of before they allow users to have it."

I'm sure paddo (Army Web Team) has an account here on ARRSE, maybe he can clarify this issue?
As a slight aside, what about accessing my Armynet email on my Outlook in the office next to my work emails!? I know there are security issues and as it is just as technically possible I could find it useful.

We are looking at this facility but as you may be aware pop, imap, imap-s etc etc all use different ports to the standard ports and such would be blocked by IGS. We have to work all ArmyNET solution to work through the IGS.

We are still working on this.

Hi, I know it's five years down the line but a google search brought up this thread. Have the issues been resolved? I'm trying to get it to push to my mobile.


It used to have an auto-forwarding feature to push emails to your personal email. Has it been removed?
The option to forward is still there- Options > Forwarder > Put new email address in > Done.

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