ArmyNET - determined to be completely useless or what?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Donny, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. It is an essential component of the future agile information exploitation policy of the Army's Netwo

  2. Slightly less useful than a very large bag of useless things

  3. What is ArmyNET?

  1. When ArmyNET ( ) gave access to payslips I thought the organisers might, finally, have realised that the web is useful for more than recruiting and propaganda broadcasts. Apparently not. I've just tried to log in to the site, to be confronted with a "security questionnaire", presumably to stop those who are unauthorised getting to see all the juicy secrets behind the wall (yeah, right!). It asks 10 questions, some of which I can cope with "..your mother's maiden name" and "...your first duty station", for example. But there are some other belters: "what is your best friend's christian name?"; "Where is your favourite holiday spot?" and "what is the make of your favourite car?"

    Leaving aside the fact that this looks like a quiz devised by a group of pre-pubescent schoolgirls, it also seems designed to discourage anyone using the site at all. If I remembered the answers I gave to questions like these (and I wouldn't), and if I had nothing better to do than pratt about filling in things like this (and I have), then the content of the site still wouldn't justify the effort of getting on.

    We've actually got military people responsible for this pathetic offering. Can we really not find something more useful for them to do than this? How about contracting out ArmyNET to the ARRSE organisers?
  2. only really use it for pay statements, E mail and the messenger service.

    All three very good elements, the Email and unlimited storage so great for transfering large files from work to home or back again. Also the Messenger service, which ive just recently started using, allows you to log into all your messengers at the same time using one program. MSN, AOL, Yahoo etc. It frees up thinking space on your computer which can only be a good thing.

    Also met a few fellow arrsers on there so we are using it, perhaps not for the forums, thats what this is for! Nothng beats ARRSE!

    I wonder if units will start emailing orders and warning orders, forcast of events and such like.

    Still early stages. but i like the idea.

  3. not to mention that its secure. a bonus in this day and age
  4. Since the new version of Yahoo was released Army net's messenger will not work with it. Quote "Unavailable Yahoo! has updated their system so that ArmyNet Messenger can no longer login. Your systems administrator will install a server patch to enable Yahoo! support as soon as one is available."
  5. The security questionaire is a joke, it accepts any answers you input so just put in "NA" = not applicable quite easy to remember methinks!!! - LOL.
  6. Thanks - I should have thought of trying that. Perhaps I will go back and carry on using it for payslips.

  7. In all fairness to the army, some bits of armynet are very good - their info on Telic for example is excellent - with instructions, policies etc etc, albeit most of it at a pretty high level. The forms are also useful - being able to download them beats having to track down the RAO!

    Some bits are pretty useless the forums for example, but on the whole it does seem to be getting better by the day - wonder how long before the funding runs out though....
  8. I can never remember my feckin login and password. Alway get it ARRSE about face and give up.

    Only try to log on to see how much is on the pay statement. An improvement would to beable to save the pay statements rather than dumping them the following month.
  9. Gizzard, you can view your past statements, theres a previous option on the left of the screen when viewing a statement.

    I have pretty high hopes for armynet. I cant see the forums becoming particularly popular yet, there is something of an air of distrust of voicing opinion in an official site.

    I think its problem at the moment is, firstly, that its very under subscribed. No one seems to be using it. And call me cynical, but when the bean counters get wind of the fact, i cant see the funding going on forever.

    Secondly, it isnt offering enough yet in the way of useful services. Everyone says viewing paystatements is useful, but that needs to be built on. It would be useful to be able to say, change or stop a bank allotment or check you leave ballance. Those are just starters. The system has alot of competition and needs to offer more to get people onboard.

    I hope the systems gets better and continues to grow, and like an earlier poster said, the unlimited email storage can be quite handy.

  10. This all sounds like it will become redundant when JPA comes online any how, unless, they combine the two systems into one, like the US system (which coincidently does not perform very well) which allows users to make the changes to their pay accounts without the need for the third party, ie the AGC(SPS).

    Does this bode well for the future? I don't know, but as an outsider looking in to the US system, they seem to have real problems now that their admin and pay staff have been chopped in favour of a computer.
  11. Yeah agree nowhere near ARRSE standards but people are using them. The mobilised TA thread seems to have moved off here onto ArmyNet.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    If you want to see what it should look like, have a look over a spam's shoulder when they log on to their AKO (Army Knowledge Online) system.

  13. Think yourselves lucky , I can't even access the site.

    And repeated emails to admin asking what the problem is remain unanswered. :cry:
  14. msr

    msr LE

    In their defence, they did remind me of my username very quickly.

  15. isnt your username just your last 4 (or 3 for ruperts) and your surname? you getting old? 8O