Armynet AUG07 Payslip

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA(BW)Stickie, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. I see the new AUG07 Payslips are up is this the payslip for this month so tomorrow i will get whatever it says in my bank? Cause they confuse the hell out of me tbh.
  2. I take it you mean July's pay which is being listed as August? I see no sign of August pay on mine but I expect to get that shortly
  3. Nope, I've got a different payslip for July than the one listed for Aug.
  4. My aug payslip is there. My fcukin' daily rate is still wrong though1 Anyone got the JPA helpline number? PM if you have it. Thanks.
  5. I've just checked mine....My payslip for August is showing, with the money I was paid on the 1st of August-So its quite clearly the payslip for JULY....

    When will these people get their fingers out and start getting the pay correct and on time, with a payslip that clearly states the relevant pay period.....?
  6. Your right, it's last months amount that has been displayed. My june payslip never appeared, this may be were the fcuk up is.
  7. So what day will Augusts money go in?
  8. Anyones guess is good.
  9. Money will arrive on monday. Regs get paid last working day of the month 31st. TA get paid first working day after the last day of the month, ie- Monday. fri 31, next working day, monday the 3rd.
  10. Just checked my bank balance....the money is in and ready for spending!!
  11. Does anybody know why the JPA payslips sometimes show subtractions? I got a laughably small pay cheque last month (£16 or so), which had oodles of subtractions on top of the days I was being paid for, each of which amounted to a full day's pay. I thought this would be remedied this month, so I checked my bank statement this morning online. I haven't seen my latest payslip, but considering the amount of days I've done recently that I haven't been paid for, I think £6.24 is probably wrong. Any thoughts?
  12. lucky ever since i was mobilised in january my pay has been wrong and jpa just made it worst my last pay for augs was put on the the wrong tax bracket over tax by lots now i have to go to the hassle of getting it back again easy going out of account hard to get it back in again could be wating a month for it no good when your broke