armynet a waste of time?

Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by SONOFHOMER, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. i have gone through the whole of armynet trying to find out why i cannot get any more on line paystatements i used to get them fine i asked JPAC they cannot help my unit does not have paper ones either and no where is there any contact details on armynet to see if they have been given the paystatemens to put on line
  2. Mine haven't shown for the past 5 months either, not sure If its a problem everyone Is having.

  3. Odd, my Ocober one is there as normal.
  4. no probs with mine either.
  5. I phoned JPA a while ago (about 5 months) and was told that they no longer do this. I then spoke to the ArmyNet team at Blanford and they said that it was still done, but that they rely on JPA send the data over to them. So I think you are meant to get it but I havent for about 5 months now

  6. Got mine to. You sure that the wonders of JPA hasn't Discharged you. I've known it to happen.
  7. We get the standard pay runs sent to us so if you are paid on a non standard pay run (SF or any connection with etc) we don't get your info.

    JPA may have you on the wrong pay run, either way we have no influence/control over individuals pay data we just get a big file sent every month