ArmyNET 3 launch in 7 days!

Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by ArmyNET_Assistance, Apr 22, 2008.

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    ArmyNET is having an overhaul and will launch a refreshed and updated site on Tue 29 Apr 08.

    The new-look site will feature a complete overhaul of the home page, with a totally updated design. The home page has also been de-cluttered to make it easier to get to information directly. And the changes are not just skin-deep; each user now has the ability to customise their homepage, so that it shows the elements that they wish to see. Similar to leading edge web services, ArmyNET offers the ability to "drag" these elements into place as desired making for a significantly enhanced user experience.

    Beyond the home page, the main subject pages have been reformatted to ensure that they are well laid out and easy to navigate, and the email service has been greatly enhanced. While it still offers the ability to send emails with commercial grade encryption, it is now easier to manage groups for wide distribution emails, and allows searching of the global database of ArmyNET users.

    ArmyNET realises that the Army community is far greater than those that are currently serving and with this release will make it possible for ex-service personnel to gain entry to the site. This will be achieved by allowing associations to manage entry into ArmyNET for its members, therefore maintaining those important links between the previous and current generation of soldiers.






    To celebrate the launch, we are giving away an ipod nano every day between now and launch day. Get over to ArmyNET to find out how to win.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Do you not want to blank out that Casio code, or everyone will use it ;)

  3. looks good, much better than the old armynet
  4. Very pretty....

    Will it have the same annoying username / password / memorable word login thing? Will it still take the same 72 hours to load up on DII(F)?
  5. Am I right in thinking that with ArmyNet 3 the email service will get an update and we will have the option to change fonts and use bold/italic/underline and all the other lurvly bits and bobs associated with normal emails?

    As it stands at the minute it is a tad basic.

    Sh!t, just realised, my ArmySWEAT tag is going to be dated now isn't it?
  6. I hope the competition is going to get harder, dont want too many people in the draw with me! :wink:

    :D :D :D
  7. Ooops! Changing now... :oops:


  8. So is this JPA thing accessed through armynet, or is it a completely different thing?

    Can you literally get everything you need from army net, that you might need when in the army?
  9. Yes, that's right. The email service has a large number of options as you state, and more. You will be able to have far more control over the composition of your emails and make them look a great deal more presentable.

    And yes, you'll need to change your sig image! :)
  10. This won't provide access to JPA, but we're working hard on that. ArmyNET aims to provide access to a wide range of services that are useful to the serving soldier and the wider army community. While we might not have all areas covered yet, we are working hard to meet the demands of all of our users.

    If you notice that there is something missing on ArmyNET, let us know; we'll do what we can to get it there.


  11. I ask because i havnt found much useful info on army net yet, though i could just be looking in the wrong place. Im in the recruitment stage at the minute and just exploring all the things that may become accessable to myself once im accepted.
  12. Are you sure you mean ArmyNET ( and not the public Army website (

    As a potential recruit you won't have access to ArmyNET yet, although we are planning to move towards offering access to potential recruits in the near future.

  13. Can we wait until JPA works before we plug it in to Armynet please? :omfg:

  14. Yeah i mean armyNET

    just curious as to what it would have to offer, i think the idea of having like a mock/guest login might be useful for potential recruits to see what kinds of things would be available.
  15. So how do you have access to ArmyNET at the moment?