ArmyJobs Selection - the three choices

Hey everyone.

I'm a long time reader first time poster - I've been interested in joining the army for just over 2 years now, decided for sure earlier this year and have just been cleared medically. I am now preparing for my interview in a week or so.

I've been reading up on jobs as much as possible, trying to decide what my three choices are going to be, however from what I've seen there are one hundred and one answers to every question -it just depends on who you ask.

I believe my first choice will be the Parachute Regiment. I've read up on this choice and hopefully I'm well informed as to what it entails. However, my second and third choices arent as straight forward. I've looked at most specialised/light infantry roles from Special Observer to standard infantryman, but each job has its own questionmark attached.

For example - special observers, I've seen two or three threads on here about them, and no one seems to know for sure about the selection process - whether you can go straight in as one (assuming you pass the courses), or whether you have to spend some time with a normal battery first. What would happen if you took the course but didnt make it? would you end up on a normal battery manning a big gun?

As for the infantry, how much of a say do you get as to what job you do? say you want to join a "light role" infantry battalion, do you actually get to choose that role or would it be down to which battalions need filling?

Basically, what I'm looking for is a choice where I know where I stand - if i join the infantry what happens ? what do I get to decide and what gets decided for me? If I'm looking to go to an light infantry company as opposed to a mechanized one do I get the choice or does it get made for me? Either way I dont mind but I'd prefer to find out now rather than half way through phase 2.

I've asked these questions to my recruiter but to be fair to them - its not thier job to tell me the truth so much as it is to get me to sign up, I understand this, but I would still like to know what it is I'm signing up for.

By the way - I've been following the various bits of advice posted here about joining the Parachute Regiment - the best advice I've seen so far seems to be "just get out there and get some miles on your legs!".

Any information much appreciated, hopefully I've not been too much of a 'wah' in my first post!
You're far too literate to be a Para. I counted well over 10 different words in your message; some of which had more than two syllables. :D
Lol dragstrip, however accurate dragstrip may be you also have to remember that good people do well in the army. a friend of mine just finished his para course as a soldier despite haveing very good grades and very good A levels, his concept was 'Rather be smart among lemons than a lemon among the smart'.

No offence but if ur ahead of the game youll do well so wouldnt decide on a trade because of the stereotypical kind of person that trade attracts.

As for your trade related questions I suggest asking them in the trade forums, youre probably more likely to get a good answer in there.

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